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In Good Company: Marchistas Race Walking


In Good Company: Marchistas

This race walking team in Guatemala shows how the sport has become part of the national identity.

What to Eat for Peak Athletic Performance


The Fundamentals: What to Eat for Peak Performance

With these five building blocks, you can create a diet that doesn’t just fuel you — it powers you.

Athletes: Gumbo Fit


Community Over Everything

How a Chicago entrepreneur and community builder blazed a new path in fitness that puts community at the center.

Meet Lamine Conté — Paris Streetball’s Newest Filmmaker 


Shooting Hoops: Meet Paris Streetball’s Newest Filmmaker

Introducing Mister Pvris, the high-flying showman documenting his city’s basketball scene.

11 Tips to Help You Run Faster


Unlock a New Personal Record

Yes, you can be a fast(er) runner. Really. Push your limits with these adjustments to how you think, breathe and train.

How to Clean Your Running Shoes — and Tread More Lightly on the Planet


How to Clean Your Running Shoes — and Tread More Lightly on the Planet

Want your running shoes to last longer? Simply cleaning them can go a long way. Watch as Nike apparel designer Raj Mistry shows how small, everyday actions can have a big impact.

Snap Shots: Chasing Adrenaline with Leonora Manzano  


Chasing Adrenaline: Leonora Manzano Lived Fast, Until She Found Running  

She partied her way to an ulcer. Now, this Mexico City runner finds her peace — and pace — along the trails of an extinct volcano.