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Yes, if you act fast you can cancel or change an order within 60 minutes of placing it.

To cancel an order, first go to your orders page. If you’re not signed in, you’ll need to enter your order number from your order confirmation email, along with your email address. Select the order, then tap the “Cancel” button and follow the prompts.

If 60 minutes have passed since placing your order, you won’t see the cancel button or be able to cancel your order. But don’t worry—you can return the items for any reason within 30 days.

To change an order within 60 minutes, you’ll have to give us a call (please note, we cannot change shipping addresses, except for Nike By You orders). If it’s outside of business hours, and still within the 60-minute window, you can simply cancel the original order and place a new one.

If you placed order within our business hours, call us to change your items.

Can I Cancel or Change My Order? | Nike Help

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