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Meet Playlist, a YouTube series that’s filled with creative activities for kids to do at home or outside. Random creative games? Yup! LOL challenges and awesome athlete interviews? Yup again. Explore the activities below and try the activities whenever and wherever!

Wheel of Sport

The Wheel of Sport brings the element of chance to games and challenges for kids and grownups alike.


Playtime gets shook by turning classic workout moves, like push-ups and planks into games, like plank portraits and secret handshake squats.

Sports Lab

Sports Lab is where all the playful experiments happen. Activities include classic sport game mashups and freshly-invented games.


Pro athletes show kids how to do a quirky sports challenge along with tips to adapt and practice it until kids can master it themselves.

60 Second Hangs

Best way to spend 60 seconds? Hold an active pose and pepper your favorite athlete with your burning questions.

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Nike Playlist
Nike Playlist