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Nike PLAYlist

Getting Kids Moving Starts With The FUNdamentals

Nike PLAYlist is all about keeping sports and activity fun for kids through a series of episodes. From Shake-Ups, to #TheReplay challenges, Sports Lab games and 60 Second Hangs, explore all the different ways to get your kids moving and more.

Before you dive in, make sure to have a big, clear and safe space for your kids to move.

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Shake-Ups give kids fun ways to get active while picking up a few foundational Nike Training Club moves. Because “Jumping Jokes” and yoga staring contests are more fun than push ups and burpees.


#TheReplay challenges kids with fun tricks and skills. Pro athletes do the tricks for us, but our challenges are made for every kind of athlete—no gold medals or championship rings required.

Sports Lab

Sports Lab smashes totally different games together to create something completely new (and completely awesome). Each game is easy to do from home, or wherever they are, with whatever they have lying around.

60 Second Hangs

Ever had a question you wished you could ask a pro athlete? 60 Second Hangs gives kids a chance to ask their favorite athletes the tough (and sometimes random) questions.

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Nike PLAYlist

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