Kids' Shoes

Find your correct size in the charts below.

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Big Kids (1Y - 7Y)
US - Kids1Y1.5Y2Y2.5Y3Y3.5Y4Y4.5Y5Y5.5Y6Y6.5Y7Y
Foot Length (in)7 15/168 1/168 4/168 7/168 9/168 12/168 13/168 15/169 2/169 4/169 6/169 9/169 11/16
Little Kids (8C - 3Y)
US - Kids8C9C10C10.5C11C11.5C12C12.5C13C13.5C1Y1.5Y2Y2.5Y3Y
Foot Length (in)5 15/166 4/166 9/166 12/166 15/167 1/167 4/167 7/167 9/167 12/167 15/168 1/168 4/168 7/168 9/16
Babies & Toddlers (1C - 10C)
US - Kids1C2C3C4C5C6C7C8C9C10C
Age (Months)36912182436
Foot Length (in)3 9/163 15/164 4/164 9/164 15/165 4/165 9/165 15/166 4/166 9/16

Find the Right Size

When fitting a child for a new pair of shoes, it’s best to have them wear the type of socks they plan to wear with the shoes to ensure they fit comfortably. The Nike Swoosh 1 is intended to be worn without socks.

Kids' Footwear Size Chart

Step 1

Have the child stand up straight on a hard, flat surface with their heels against the wall. The feet should be shoulder width apart and weight balanced evenly on each foot.

Step 2

With a soft measuring tape or ruler, measure the heel-to-toe length. Be sure to measure to the longest point of the toes.

Step 3

Measure the other foot, as one may be longer than the other.

Step 4

Take the longest measurement and use our size charts to determine the child’s shoe size. If the measurement is between sizes, we recommend sizing up.

How to Measure Tip

If you are having issues with the above measuring method, tape a piece of paper to a hard flat surface, ensuring the paper doesn’t slip. Have the child step on to the paper, feet shoulder width apart and weight evenly balanced. With a pen or pencil pointed straight down, mark the tip of the big toe and the outermost part of the heel. Have the child step off the paper and use a ruler or measuring tape to measure the distance between the two points. This measurement represents the length of the foot. Repeat the process with the other foot. Apply the longer of the two measurements to our size chart to find the right size for the child, it’s common for a person’s feet to be two slightly different lengths. If the measurement is between sizes, we recommend sizing up.