How to Make Fun Time Meaningful

A Parent’s Guide to Play

Play is key to childhood—it’s not only a great release but a huge part of the learning process. For some helpful advice, we sat down with Jaycina Almond, mom to Syx and founder of Tender, a nonprofit that provides support to single mothers.

Last updated: August 4, 2022
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How to play to the fullest
  1. Forget the rules.

    Jaycina believes play is a form of learning for kids. She encourages parents to let go of any rules or outcomes and resist the well-intended urge to correct how they’re playing.
    “When we do that, we take away their ability to make the connection themselves,” Jaycina says. Instead, trust that children know what they need in that moment and watch them find joy in discovering something new. In other words, let go—and let them have fun!
  2. Leave distractions at the door.

    Engaging in play can provide a positive impact on the mental health of both kids and parents. Jaycina suggests even five minutes of distraction-free play each day is a way to connect with your kids and boost everyone’s mood. Win-win.
  3. Tap into your five senses.

    Utilizing your senses is the most basic way to let loose and have fun. As a young single mother, Jaycina adopted a motto, “Just add water,” and often splashes around with Syx using a bowl of water with spoons or a bath full of toys.
    Jaycina encourages parents to incorporate the senses as much as possible into playtime, whether it’s tasting a new food, listening to a fun song, or rolling around outside in the grass. The main takeaway? Just take a moment to share and enjoy the simple things in life with your kids.
How to play to the fullest

“When I’m fully present with Syx, it makes my day so much better. Playing with her is grounding—a way to reset and de-stress.”

Jaycina Almond,
Mom to Syx and Founder of Tender

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How to play to the fullest

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