The 11 Best Nike Gifts for Cyclists

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From clip-in shoes to must-have layers, no cyclist will be disappointed with one of these gifts from Nike.

Last updated: September 21, 2022
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The 11 Best Nike Gifts for Cyclists

If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate gift for a cyclist, there are plenty of items from Nike that can help them enjoy their rides. Whether the cyclist in your life prefers indoor riding, or to be outdoors on roads and trails, sharing new apparel and accessories will have them thinking of you no matter the terrain.

Check out these must-haves to keep the wheels turning for miles to come.

Nike Cycling Shoes

If the cyclist in your life prefers to ride indoors, a pair of cycling shoes like the Nike SuperRep Cycle enables for a quick clip-in, so they can get into their workout. Cycling shoes like these can even help level up their performance.

A 2020 study by the University of Colorado Boulder found that cyclists who wore stiff-soled cycling shoes (like the Nike SuperReps) improved their performance on high-power, uphill sprints compared to riders who wore running shoes on flat pedals.

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Nike Bike Shorts

Originally designed with cyclists in mind, bike shorts have become popular for all kinds of workouts, including running and yoga – and for good reason. Not only do bike shorts offer compression, they also protect thighs from chafing and wick away sweat.

Plus, bike shorts come in a variety of lengths, patterns and styles from high-waist to mid-rise options. You can get creative when picking out a new pair for the cyclist in your life.

Nike Leggings

Leggings are a wardrobe staple for both indoor and outdoor cyclists. If the cyclist in your life prefers leggings to bike shorts, Nike has plenty of options to choose from. There are different styles like high-rise; diverse materials including Dri-FIT, and special details such as reflective elements.

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Nike Compression Pants

Compression pants can help keep legs fresh and blood flowing while getting in a good ride. One small 2020 study found that cyclists who wore high-compression garments during training reported improved performance compared to those who wore loose or low-compression garments.

Nike Quarter Zip

Whether outside on long rides through changing temperatures and weather patterns or dripping sweat on an indoor bike at the studio, stopping to remove or add layers will keep the ride comfortable and enjoyable. A quarter zip can provide extra ventilation as needed.

Nike Rain Jacket

With the right gear, rain doesn’t have to get in the way of a ride. A rain jacket that can keep a cyclist dry during a downpour is a gift to consider. Not only can it be worn as an extra outer layer, it can also be easily packed away when the sun comes out.

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Nike Sunglasses

For the outdoor cyclist churning out long miles, sunglasses are a must. Not only are they necessary to deflect the sun, but they also protect from other elements like bugs, dust, wind and rain. The Nike Windshield Elite features a wrap-around, one-piece shield lens that doesn’t obstruct the view and fits well with most helmets.

Nike Water Bottle

Most bikes are equipped with a bottle cage because hydration is key. Whether the cyclist you know grinds on an indoor bike or elevates their heart rate while climbing trails, no ride should be without fluids. Nike’s water bottles either squeeze or have a straw for extra versatility.

Nike Backpack

If you have a cyclist in your life who insists on riding just about everywhere, a backpack is essential. It can store everything from jackets to extra layers to socks — and, of course, snacks and hydration — for trail or road rides. If they commute to work, a backpack gives a place for a change of clothes, laptop and lunch.

For indoor cyclists who frequent the studio, the right backpack can store their cycle shoes, extra layers and other gym essentials.

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Nike Headband

A headband is helpful to keep hair and sweat out of the way during bike rides. It can easily fit under a helmet to protect from chafing on the forehead, while also keeping hair in place.

Nike Recovery Tools

After tough rides, some cyclists encounter sore leg muscles. Foam rollers or recovery balls can help roll out tightness, soreness and inflammation. Give the gift that will get them back on their bike as soon as possible.

Words by Emily Shiffer

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