Trained Podcast: Discover Jonah Kest’s Flexible Approach to Yoga


With a practical, accessible style, the globe-trotting instructor is embracing — and redefining — his famed family’s tradition.

Last updated: June 30, 2022
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Trained Podcast: Jonah Kest on Yoga, Sport and Family

Nike Master Trainer and yoga instructor Jonah Kest comes from something like American yoga royalty, with a father and uncle who helped reshape the tradition for the modern era. But like many of us, he preferred shooting hoops as a teenager. On this episode of “Trained,” Jonah dials in with host Ryan Flaherty to discuss how he found his way back to the mat and how his love of sport helped him create a style of yoga that’s accessible to all of us. He shares why we should prioritize consistency over intensity, and how that yogic mindset can support our everyday life.

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Originally published: November 5, 2020

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