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Grab your rain boots and a cute umbrella. Then, jump into this rainy day garb by Nike.

Last updated: October 31, 2023
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7 Rainy Day Outfits by Nike to Shop Now

On rainy days, you may feel inclined to cozy up in bed. But, when obligations call — whether that’s heading to the office or knocking out some errands — you want to make sure you have some cute rainy day outfits ready to go.

When deciding what outfit to wear in the rain, the number one goal is usually to stay dry, regardless of the reason you’re leaving the house. After all, it doesn’t matter how sleek an outfit is if you arrive at your destination completely soaked and soggy. Waterproof or water-resistant clothing and shoes don’t just have to be practical, they can also offer an opportunity to play with your personal style — a welcome bonus when your goal is to sport a cute rainy day outfit.

Below, shop the best rainy day clothes and shoes by Nike.

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Rainy Day Outfit Ideas: 5 Cute Essentials

1. Rain Jackets

When inclement weather is in the forecast, the first line of defense is to wear a jacket that protects you from the rain, especially if things take a turn for the worse (hello, torrential downpour). If you don’t have an umbrella, a rain jacket designed with a deep hood will help block water from your face. Also keep an eye out for little details, like the sealed seams and water-resistant zippers on the Nike ACG Storm-FIT "Cascade Rains" jacket, for example, to help keep you dry.

2. Water-Resistant Jackets and Vests

For days when the expected rainfall is more of a sprinkle than a deluge, a water-resistant jacket enables you to go about your day without missing a beat. Break out a golf jacket for a drizzly afternoon spent on the course, or a trail running vest for a misty 4-mile jaunt through the woods. For rainy days in summer, opt for jackets that are light and breathable. Make sure you have both a lightweight option for warmer days and a cozier puffer with Therma-FIT technology to help keep you warm once winter arrives.

3. Trench Coats

If you’ve already got the technical raincoat in your closet, you also might want to add a trench coat to your wardrobe and use it as a finishing touch to a rainy day outfit. With trench coats, unique design details can turn your outwear into a fashion statement. For example, the cape-inspired design of the Serena Williams Design Crew 3-in-1 jacket and the sleek lines of the black Nike Sportswear Storm-FIT ADV GORE-TEX parka can add something unique to the outfit underneath.Not to mention, a trench coat silhouette is chic and an appropriate option for the office or occasions with a formal dress code.

4. Water-Resistant Pants And Tights

On rainy days, it’s likely mud will splatter onto your ankles and calves — especially if you trudge through grassy areas. Minimize the stress of staining clothing with water resistant pants by Nike. These pants not only help keep you dry, but they can also easily be wiped down if they get dirty. If you’re worried about the hem dipping into puddles, choose a fitted pair of pants or one with a cinched ankle.

5. Shoes

Don’t let a cute rainy day outfit get ruined by waterlogged feet. Brave your way through puddles in a pair of shoes that can keep both your socks and toes from getting soggy. Rest assured that there is footwear designed with both a sturdy sole and water-repellent upper to ensure you’ll march on comfortably — no matter what the day brings.

Words by Aemilia Madden

Originally published: October 26, 2023

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