The Best Nike Football Practice Equipment and Gear to Shop Now

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Fill your bag with high-performance Nike football gear to be practice-ready.

Last updated: March 2, 2023
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The Best Football Practice Equipment and Gear by Nike

Before you step on the field for football practice, choosing the right training gear can make sure you have an optimal setup. For example, the right football gloves can help make the catch, the right cleats will keep your feet securely planted, and the right pads will help protect while giving — or delivering — a hit.

Use this guide to find the best football practice equipment for kids and adults.

The Best Football Practice Equipment by Nike

1. For Contact: Nike Padded Base Layers

Add Nike Pro padded base layers beneath your shoulder pads and football pants for extra cushion as you practice giving and taking hits. These top and bottom base layers for adults and kids feature Nike HyperStrong foam padding on the hips, thighs, shoulders and ribs for a layer of cushion where you’re least protected.

The compression base layers are lightweight, breathable and made of Nike Dri-FIT moisture-wicking technology to stay comfortable and dry throughout practice.

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2. For Grip: Nike Football Gloves

For defensive backs, receivers and running backs who want to make wow-worthy grabs or hold onto the ball through tough tackles, Nike football gloves with Magnigrip technology are a must-have. These adjustable gloves stretch and move with your hand, while the grippy palm helps haul in one-handed catches.

If you’re playing defense, look for a pair of Nike football gloves with padding. They’re made with grippy palms and fingers, enabling you to hold onto the ball as you rip past offensive linemen and tackle ball carriers. Padding on the fingers and back of the hand protects from bang-ups during a play.

3. For the Turf and Field: Nike Football Cleats

Nike football cleats are made for the rigors of the gridiron, meaning they can survive multiple seasons of practice.

The uppers feature molded elements that reinforce the heel, while a NikeSkin overlay creates a snug and streamlined fit. These cleats balance durability with an ultra-light feel, letting you streak down the sideline and cut between cones during drills.

Studs underneath will help dig your feet into the field. Nike football shoes have a wide cleat pattern on the bottom of the foot for stability and traction when conditions turn soggy. A cleat placed under the big toe provides a stable base to unleash a powerful first step, whether to shake a defender or head straight for the quarterback.

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4. For Bumps and Bruises: Nike Football Arm and Leg Sleeves

Find a Nike training sleeve to cover your arms and legs, as well as contact-support sleeves for your knees, forearms, elbows, shins and biceps.

These smooth, stretchy designs are built to stay in place, meaning they won’t slip or cause chafing. They’re made with Nike Dri-FIT technology, which wicks away sweat. Abrasion-resistant fabric keeps your skin safe from the ground, while UVA and UVB protection guards against the sun.

Some training sleeves include soft foam in strategic areas, like forearms or knees, to shield from a tackle or fall during practice. The padding is flexible, enabling you to still freely move.

Another perk: The surface of these sleeves are grippier than your forearm — especially if you are sweating — and can help keep the ball firmly nestled in the crook of your elbow, right where it belongs.

5. For Hydration: Nike Water Bottles

Dehydration can decrease an athlete’s ability to perform high-intensity exercise. Get the most out of football practice by staying hydrated.

Nike water bottles and jugs are made from durable rubber and plastic, meaning they’ll last all season, no matter how often they get tossed to the sidelines. Many are built with quick-flip tops that keep the mud and grime of the field out of your water. Find them in 24- to 64-ounce options.

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6. For Practice Throws: Nike Footballs

A Nike football is built to stand up to the elements. The tacky, textured surface is easy to grip and spiral even in wet and cold conditions.

Choose a durable, rubber ball to toss around a parking lot without worrying about scuffs. Or, grab a premium, synthetic leather ball with a stitched-in stripe for a gameday feel.

Nike footballs are available in official or mini sizes (making practice easy on the go).

7. For Carrying It All: Nike Football Bags

Football practice requires a lot of gear. Show up organized with a spacious Nike duffel bag. The main compartment is big enough for a helmet, jersey, cleats and more, while zippered inside pockets separate your mouthguard and gloves.

Carry by hand, use the shoulder strap or choose a backpack style. Nike duffels range in size up to 120 liters.

Words by Greg Presto

Originally published: February 21, 2023

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