Essential Protective Football Gear To Buy This Season

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Tackle and sack with total confidence by suiting up in this protective football gear from Nike.

Last updated: August 22, 2022
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7 Pieces of Protective Football Gear From Nike To Buy Now

In football, tackles, sacks and other forms of physical contact are just as much a part of the game as catches, sprints and throws. As such, it’s important for players to suit up in protective football gear that helps to ensure a player’s safety on the field, so they can execute plays with total confidence.

From mouthguards to padded clothing, here is the best football gear for protection.

7 Pieces of Protective Football Gear From Nike To Buy Now


A mouthguard is a requirement for most American football leagues — and for good reason. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), mouthguards reduce the risk of oral injuries among youth football players in matches and practices.

Nike mouthguards offer clear breathing channels for maximum oxygen intake, as well as a quick-release tether to speak freely with teammates about the logistics of a last-second play.

Sleeves and Armbands

Nike sleeves and armbands provide functionality in a football game in two ways. First, they apply compression to some of the most hard-working joints during play, like the elbow. But many Nike sleeves also feature protective plastic shields, giving athletes the confidence to execute plays with strength and force.

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While a proper pair of football gloves helps players gain full traction and control over the ball, they offer a protective element, too. Gloves can shield athletes from exposure to inclement weather and rough play.

Nike gloves are available for both adults and kids, including the Vapor Knit 3.0 Gloves, which are made from a lightweight silicone material and feature a lightweight construction for extra breathability. You’ll also find the Superbad Gloves with a sticky Magnigrip material on the palms that ensures precise catches.

7 Pieces of Protective Football Gear From Nike To Buy Now

Eye Shields

Accurate, widespread field vision (especially when the sun is glaring) is important when playing football. With shock-absorbing hinges and a beveled edge to block extra glare and distortion, the Nike Vapor Eye Shield helps athletes achieve full visual clarity on the field with 100-percent UVA/UVB protection.

7 Pieces of Protective Football Gear From Nike To Buy Now

Insulative Face Coverings

Protection in a football game comes down to more than pads, shields and mouthguards — it can mean shielding from inclement weather, too. The Nike Pro Hyperwarm Hood gives players an extra insulative layer when practicing and playing in cold temperatures. The hood’s form-fitting design slides easily under a helmet or can be worn on its own or converted to a neck gaiter.

7 Pieces of Protective Football Gear From Nike To Buy Now

Padded Shorts

Football is mainly a running and passing game, but watch any National Football League (NFL) or recreational match, and the amount of time a player spends on the ground is often comparable to their time spent vertically.

And no matter the position, a snug pair of padded shorts can go a long way with regard to comfort. The Nike Pro HyperStrong Shorts feature foam padding designed to absorb the impact of tackles and tumbles but are still lightweight and breathable enough to not impede play.

Football Gear Bags

Football gear, including the protection equipment listed here, tends to take up a hefty amount of space within a player’s locker room and bag. Make room for every must-have protective football item with a duffel bag from Nike.

The Nike Utility Power bag, for example, holds up to 51 liters (or 13.5 gallons) of goods, but features a durable construction and variety of handles and adjustable straps for comfortable carrying.

Words by Julia Sullivan ACE-C.P.T.

Originally published: August 22, 2022

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