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A great sports bra has your back...and your front. But finding a new bra can be complicated. So we invited athletes Shai’La Yvonne, Siena Lyn, and Brittany Lucio to get their sweat on in Nike bras and share their favs—all to help you find your perfect fit.

When to Wear Light Support

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Designed soft and less structured for all-day wear and comfort, these bras are ideal for smaller cup sizes. Wear them for low-intensity activities like yoga, Pilates, or casual hikes.

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Shai’La’s Pick: Nike Indy

The Indy bra with its extra-sporty style is the go-to for yoga enthusiast Shai’La Yvonne. The low-cut front gives you just enough coverage while the mesh on the back helps you keep your cool. Our newest version features adjustable front straps for a perfect fit.

“The Indy was the perfect amount of support and style. I was able to move freely. It felt like a part of my skin, like I wasn’t wearing a bra at all.”

Shai’La Yvonne
Yoga Enthusiast, Indoor Cycling Instructor, DJ

When to Wear Medium Support

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Giving you more coverage and compression to keep everything in place, these bras work well for any cup size. Use them for medium-impact workouts like running, training, and indoor cycling.

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Siena’s Pick: Nike Swoosh

For fitness trainer Siena Lyn, the Swoosh style is the perfect amount of lift and support. This bra offers more support for bigger cup sizes, and the no-dig, easy-to-wear racerback pairs with any look for instant cool girl vibes.

“The Swoosh made me feel lifted and supported. It gave me great mobility and range. I can lift, hit the bag, or go on a hike. I regret not getting it sooner.”

Siena Lyn
Fitness Trainer, Model

When to Wear High Support

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Made for bigger moves and any activity that gets your heart racing, these bras have strong straps for extra support and hold. They’re the perfect balance of control and comfort for when things get bouncy.

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Brittany’s Pick: Nike FE/NOM Flyknit

Basketball player Brittany Lucio needs a bra that can keep up with her on the court. The FE/NOM delivers shape, support, and compression in one seamless style. This racerback fits like a snug crop top so you’re free to run, jump, and shoot hoops.

“In the FE/NOM, I felt comfortable and secure in all the right areas. Having that movement and that support is great running up and down the court.”

Brittany Lucio
Basketball Player, Fitness Trainer, Model

Three Tips for Finding the Right Fit

Check the Straps

Two fingers should fit comfortably between the band and your shoulders.

Check the Band

Raise your arms, making sure the band stays in place.

Test the Support

Move in it. You should feel comfortable and confident.

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