How To Love Running

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How To Fall In Love With Running

Great relationships take work. Especially when that relationship is between you and running. “All the qualities that make a good partnership—honesty, forgiveness, excitement—you have to incorporate them into your practice to make it stick long term,” says Nike Running Global Head Coach Chris Bennett. So lace up, stare deep into running’s eyes, and start the romance off right with these tips:

  • Hit reset on running
  • Mix up your routine
  • Give yourself a goal
  • Celebrate the start of every run
  • Embrace your bad runs
  • Add other workouts to build strength
  • Listen to your body

Celebrate being sore. It’s a reminder you did something great.

Chris Bennett
Nike Running Global Head Coach

Keeping the romance alive

Celebrate the start of every run
It’s too early and your bed is warm. Or it’s been a long day and you just want to sink into your couch. But you’re lacing up anyway. The hardest part of every run? Getting started. “Take a minute to give yourself credit for that,” Coach says. “After those first 100 yards, everything gets easier.”

Embrace your bad runs
Real talk: You might not get that fabled runner’s high every time you run. And that’s okay. “If you want to measure success and improvement, there is no better way to do that than by finishing a crappy run. That shows you’re physically and mentally strong,” says Coach.

Add other workouts to build strength
“It takes work to stay healthy,” says Coach. Conditioning the muscles that running doesn’t strengthen can help you run further and longer. Core work, hip strengthening, and upper-body toning are essential to withstand the impact of miles. The Nike Training Club has workouts designed specifically to build strength, balance, and increase your flexibility.

Listen to your body
A huge post-long-run breakfast? Do it. Need to just lie down on the floor for 10 minutes? That’s cool, too. “Staying inspired with running is about making it fun,” says Coach “Celebration is a component of recovery.” At the very least, take a minute to appreciate what your body is capable of.

Find a community

Follow friends and fellow runners on the Nike Run Club app, where you can compare, compete, and cheer each other on.