4 Cute Outfit Ideas For Women — For Every Workout

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No matter what kind of workout you’ve got planned, check out these easy tips to score an extra dose of motivation with these cute gym outfits ideas.

Last updated: February 23, 2022
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4 Cute Workout Outfits for Women

Sometimes, you need a little motivation to hit the gym or start a workout. A good outfit can do just that. No matter the workout or goal, there’s a cute Nike outfit to help you crush whatever you’ve got planned.

Activewear that doesn’t hold up throughout a workout can be a dealbreaker and even get in the way of hitting optimal performance — ever been mid-run and have a sock slip into your shoe? Ideally, your activewear can make it through a tough workout while having you feeling your best.

Check out these tips to find cute workout outfits for every type of workout.

Picking an Outfit for Every Workout

Trying a new workout? Don’t stress! You can mix and match workout clothes for different activities, but some activewear is better suited for certain activities. Here’s the lowdown, with some cute workout outfit ideas.

  1. 1.Yoga

    4 Cute Workout Outfits for Women

    In a yoga class, form-fitting clothes will help you flow. Chunky clothes like a sweatshirt, joggers, or a hoodies might be great for your commute to the yoga studio, but not necessarily the best as you hold downward dog. For yoga, search for leggings or bike shorts, a sports bra, and tank top for your yoga outfit.

    Pair some Nike Luxe high-waist leggings with a Dri-FIT sports bra. High-rise leggings will keep you secured and won’t fall down, even if you’re upside down! Depending on the intensity of the class, choose a light- or high-support sports bra.

  2. 2.Weightlifting

    4 Cute Workout Outfits for Women

    When you’re lifting, it’s key that you’re able to move through the full range of motion in your gym outfit. That means opting for light and breathable clothing. And since you’ll probably break a sweat, look for clothing with sweat-wicking fabrics to keep cool.

    To start, opt for a Dri-FIT training T-shirt or tank top and a pair of sweat-wicking leggings like the Nike Bliss Luxe training pants, which also feature sweat-wicking capabilities and stretchy lightweight fabric.

    It’s also a good idea to pick out a pair of flat, durable shoes to help pronounce your force during a lift while enabling a stable connection to the floor for balance. Nike Metcon shoes are a go-to for weightlifting. With a wide, flat heel, the Metcons give stability and traction when you need it most.

    To complete the look, pull on a Nike Sportswear Essentials sweatshirt or hoodie to show off your style as you head to the gym or start your warm-up routine.

  3. 3.Running

    4 Cute Workout Outfits for Women

    Hitting the road, track or trail for a run requires clothing to stay comfortable (and warm or cool, depending on the weather). Before you pick a running outfit, pay attention to the forecast and the terrain. It’s also wise to be prepared for unexpected weather shifts, too.

    In general, runners are best served by form-fitting layers that feel like a second-skin that can reduce wind resistance and facilitate strong gait mechanics.

    If it’s cold, layer up. Wear a base layer and training tights or leggings and add extra layers if necessary. If it’s hot, wear minimal, breathable, and well-ventilated clothing like Dri-FIT shorts and a sports bra. These will allow air to pass through and sweat to evaporate quickly.

    Depending on where you’re running, you may need to adjust your footwear. For example, if you’re planning to have a trail running sesh, shoes like Nike GORE-TEX offer added stability and traction on uneven surfaces while the Nike React or Flyknit running shoes are ideal for road or tracks.

  4. 4.High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

    4 Cute Workout Outfits for Women

    Jumping, bouncing, sprinting, and changing directions are typically included in a HIIT workout. In order to crush your next HIIT workout, search for form-fitting leggings and shoes with good traction.

    Choose workout clothes that wick sweat and feel comfortable throughout the session, like Dri-FIT workout clothes — HIIT can get intense (and sweaty)! This technology will help to keep you dry even in the hardest workouts.

    You’ll also want to choose a high-impact sports bra to navigate all the moves with comfort and confidence.. And finally, when it comes to shoes for HIIT workouts, try the Nike Metcon cross-training shoes, which are specifically designed for high-intensity movements, in addition to strength training.

How to Style a Cute Workout Outfit

No matter if you’re running errands after your workout or just looking for a dose of inspiration to run an extra mile, cute workout outfits can do just the trick. Check out these tips on how to style your next look.

  1. 1.Color Scheme

    Channel your vibe and wear colors that reflect your mindset. Maybe an all-black outfit gets you ready to focus. Or maybe bright colors give you a boost of motivation. The good news: Nike has pieces in an assortment of colors to suit your preferences.

  2. 2.Fit and Form

    Feeling comfortable means wearing clothes that fit well. Make sure you get the right size for shoes and clothes. Nike’s size-inclusive workout clothing range from XXS to 2XL.

  3. 3.Layers

    Layering can make any workout outfit cute, and be a great fix when you’re dealing with outdoor workouts, especially. Nike’s thin and breathable options can be easy to layer (or remove) even as you’re on the go. Start with a base layer — sports bra and leggings or shorts. Then, put on a tank or T-shirt, and finish off with a hoodie or sweatshirt.

Originally published: February 11, 2022

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