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The Osaka Sisters on Finding Their Voice

Even elite athletes are reconnecting in lockdown. Here, tennis pros Naomi and Mari Osaka tell us how their sisterhood has only gotten stronger this year.

Come Together: We’re distanced, but not disconnected. We spoke to our
Holiday 2020 LookBook cast about what togetherness means right now.

Growing up, competition and passion on the tennis court deepened the relationship between Naomi Osaka and her older sister, Mari. First, when they played against each other, but then, Naomi says, when they took on other opponents in their careers.

“My sister’s a driving force for me,” says Naomi, 23. “When I was little, Mari would beat me every day, and I feel like that shaped my competitiveness a lot. It just made me really want to win all my matches.”

The sisters, like many of us, have spent even more time together this year. With the tour on pause, the duo has found ways to train at home and also work on creative projects together.

“She actually takes charge a lot more than I would’ve thought,” say Mari, 24. “I always see her as my little sister, but she’s actually this businesswoman.”

In this video, the tennis pros discuss what this time has meant for their relationship and how they’re continuing to learn more about one another off the court.

“I always see her as my little sister, but she’s actually this businesswoman.”


Naomi and Mari Osaka Discuss Growing Together as Sisters

Naomi (left), Mari (right)

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