The Best Nike Football Practice Jerseys and Gear

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You bring the determination, grit and drive — Nike has the gear to help you show it all off.

Last updated: August 10, 2022
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The Best Nike Football Practice Jerseys and Gear

Making sure you have everything you need for football practice can be daunting: There’s so much gear. And having the right clothing and equipment can help you stay protected and hydrated, so you roll up to practice confident and in the zone.

Consider using this guide below as a shopping list for all the things you’ll need over the course of a season. And once you have everything, you can use it as a helpful checklist. Refer back to this list when you’re packing your bag to make sure you have your favorite football practice jersey — and all the other Nike gear essentials — at the ready before hitting the practice field.

Undergarment Essentials

Start at the base layer. Nike jock straps keep you protected and in place, and they have Dri-FIT technology, so they wick away sweat. The straps are wide enough to be comfortable but won’t get in the way of your sudden moves downfield.

A high-support bra may also be an essential undergarment for athletes who want snug, compressive support for vigorous activities.

Wicking Base Layer With Padding

Your hips and thighs can take a beating during practice, which could leave you sore on game day. Stay comfortable and fend off those hits in a base layer that has thigh and hip padding integrated into the fabric. (Hint: These pads are part of the base layer, so they won’t slip out of place).

And the Hyperstrong base layer is moisture-wicking, so even as you sweat, your bottom layer won’t weigh you down as much, so you can keep moving at top speed.

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Cleats Designed for Football

What makes football cleats special? They’re more durable than cleats for other sports, meaning they can take rep after punishing rep in practice and during games.

The cleats themselves are special, too — Nike football cleats are placed wide on the bottom of the foot to give you a more stable base, whether it’s to hold your ground on the line or make a sharp cut to catch a pass.

And on the bottom of the shoe, there’s a cleat that lines up with the big toe, which gives you traction to push off the line with all the power you have.

Socks That Won’t Slip

Once you have a pair of cleats, you’ll also want socks to help with your performance. Whether you prefer to train in calf- or ankle-length socks, Nike training socks have cushioning to help keep your feet from getting tired and non-slip technology that will keep your feet from sliding around inside your shoe — which can cost you speed and power.

Training Shorts That Won’t Weigh You Down

Football practices can be long, hot, sweaty affairs — and you have to show your speed and explosiveness from the first whistle to the last. The shorts you wear should move with you — thanks to flexible, comfortable fabric — and they shouldn’t weigh you down when they get soaked with mud or sweat. Get a pair with Dri-FIT technology and get ready to make your opponent sweat trying to keep up with you.

Practice Jersey

You’ll want a jersey that’s just as breathable as the one you’ll be wearing on game day, with the right fabric to wick away sweat and stay light as you go through drill after sweaty drill. The mesh on Nike practice jerseys is the same as the one you’ll wear with your uniform, so the fit and the airflow will be just right.


Nike mouthguards don’t just guard your mouth — they let air flow through while offering protection, so you can get the oxygen you need for maximum performance while staying safe. They’re moldable so you can personalize the fit to your mouth.

Not to mention, the flexible material makes it more comfortable, so you can better concentrate on each drill and play and not on a stray bit of mouthguard digging into your cheek.

Gloves for Protection or Highlight-Reel Catches

Football gloves can help you grip the turf in a three-point stance, rip past a lineman to get to the ball carrier, hang onto the ball or reel in a one-handed catch with incredibly tacky palm technology and padded outer layers that protect against hits between tackles.

No matter your position, Nike has gloves that will help you unleash all your talents and make your best plays in practice, so you get more reps — and more chances to make highlight-reel plays — on game day.

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Slides for Before and After Practice

To keep your cleats fresh so they can bite into the turf — and keep your feet comfortable when you’re off the field so you have more energy to give your all when you step between the sidelines — trade in your cleats before and after practice for a pair of legendary Nike slides.

They’re not just a classic because of their iconic style – Nike slides cushion your feet with comfortable foam or the still-amazing Nike Air technology. They’ll leave you feeling light, cool and ready to take on anything.

And a Bag to Hold It All

If you’re planning to transport all of the above gear to football practice, you’ll need a sturdy bag to put it in.

A durable Nike duffel is the answer, with several pockets for keeping all your muddy gear away from the stuff you don’t want near mud (like your mouthguard!) and comfortable shoulder and hand straps for easy carrying…you’ve done enough hard work on the practice field!

Words by Greg Presto

Originally published: August 10, 2022

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