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Since securing his dream move to Barça, Coutinho’s stellar talents have gone from strength to strength—thanks to his extraordinary teammates and the city itself. The Illusionist ghosts past the opposition to turn the game, match after match. His expectations are now higher than ever. And he knows that one trophy this season won’t be enough.


A Catalan through and through, Sergi Roberto is a product of La Masia with deep roots in the local area. As such, he takes inspiration from the city—from Eixample to Les Corts—and the people that bring it to life. A master in almost every position, this midfielder-turned-wingback is a true Phantom player, appearing all over the pitch to keep the opposition guessing.


Young central midfielder Denis Suárez joined the Blaugrana in 2013 full of raw talent and potential. After a couple of seasons away, he’s matured as a player and returned to the one city that makes him shine. This season, he’s ready to come of age and use his Phantom precision to make every minute on the pitch count.