Nike Soccer

Welcome To The Design Team

The football kit is more than colors on the pitch. It captures a moment in the club’s history. Now, for the first time, Chelsea FC brings you inside the design process to help design a Shirtholder’s edition fan jersey. Just get the NikeConnect Chelsea FC Third Jersey and scan-in with the Nike app to get started.

More Than Colors

Design is a collaborative process at Nike, taking inspiration from fashion, music, and art, and bringing it into the world of sport. When done right, the jersey transcends the game and becomes a sense of pride for players. When it resonates with fans, it becomes a piece of history.

Have Your Say

Once the design team has the blank canvas of the shirt, they begin drafting. This is where you come in. You’ll help create the Shirtholder’s edition fan jersey, voting on key design elements. When the final design is created, you’ll get first dibs on the shirt.

It Starts With The Third Jersey

To get started, get your Chelsea FC third jersey, open the Nike app to your Profile, and tap NikeConnect. Then, just touch your phone to the NikeConnect tag on the shirt and the app will take you from there to start designing the Shirtholder’s edition fan jersey. It’s that easy.


Men’s Soccer Connect Jersey