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Total 90 Takeover

No coaches, no chalk lines, no lineups. Just creating soccer how you see it, when you see it, and wherever you see it. When Total 90 was first introduced in the 2000s, the line’s cleats and designs sparked a new level of expression for soccer players. With Nike F.C., the circled 90 logo returns through a collection of performance-driven streetwear that’s ready for kickoff whenever a ball lands at your feet.

Day Off? Play On.

You pour your soul into training sessions and match days. But between grinding for your team, you let loose with friends by changing into fresh gear and finding soccer all over the city. Whether you’re sharply striking and pinging passes in a backyard or back-alley, in vibrant Total 90-inspired Home and Away Jerseys, your lifestyle revolves around the pitch.

Street Made. Pitch Ready.

Boldly featuring Total 90’s classic circle logo, the Men’s Soccer Vest delivers warmth on cooler days without restricting your liveliness on the ball. And with a comfortable cropped design made for movement, the Women’s Soccer Jacket has zippered pockets, so you don’t have to worry about losing your valuables during or after the action.