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Latinx culture is rich in sound, from the music to the various languages and dialects.

You know the girl who talks a mile a minute, words rolling off the tongue with each roll of an “r.” It’s because her world is fast-paced and she’s adapted to thinking even faster. From helping out at home to managing school or work and every obligation in between, she has to meet the constant demands of those around her.

But how does she cancel out the noise for moments of peace where she doesn’t have to be and do everything for everyone--but can just be herself?

With sports.

We’re celebrating Latina athletes every day. Hear their stories, learn about their journeys in sport, and see them in action.

Each Latin Heritage Month, Nike celebrates the rich cultural, ethnic, physical, and mental diversity of Latinx athletes. And while the month may be over, Nike is committed to continuously fighting for representation that captures the complexity of the Latinx community, in addition to supporting their engagement and participation in sports. Nike also recognizes those who inspire their community to break out of the box they’re expected to check. Learn more about how these three Latina athletes tell us how they found their voice in sport.

Nicky Nieves

Bronx-born and Kissimmee-raised Nicky Nieves is a Paralympic volleyball player for Team USA and a Nike athlete. When she’s not dominating the court, you’ll likely find the self-proclaimed gym rat doing some intense training and lifting. In addition to her athleticism, she’s a blogger and non-profit owner – Limitless People Inc. –whose goal is simple: “opportunity to play volleyball for all.”


Chantel Navarro

Chantel Navarro is a Glendale-born boxer with big gloves to fill, but she’s already showing the world what she’s made of. Having trained under her father, former professional boxer Ignacio Navarro, she comes from a long line of fighters. Her uncle, José Navarro, competed in the 2000 Summer Olympics. Another uncle, Carlos, is a former professional boxer who almost competed in the ’96 Summer Olympics but went pro instead. This 6X national champion is also a WBC amateur champion and Nike athlete.


Kimberly Zuniga

LA-based Kimberly Zuniga is a proud Xicana, licensed nail artist, roller skater, and model. She’s known for collabing with her clientele and making a safe space for other Latinas to freely express themselves both in conversation and creativity. She picked up this sport at the beginning of the pandemic and quickly found a supportive community of friends within it. Roller skating has become a major outlet, and along with her art, it’s opened up more and more opportunities for Kimberly, including a modeling gig for Latina-owned apparel brand, Bella Doña.



Celebrating the histories, cultures and contributions of Latin Americans, including the strong family bonds shared across Latino cultures.

Nike LHM. Latino Heritage Movement