Jordan Brand Black Community Commitment – Community Grants Program


    · Who is eligible to apply for this funding support?

    Any US based 501(c)(3) organization that has been established since 2019 or prior; has an annual operating budget between $100,000 to $3 million; and whose mission aligns to one of our key focus areas is eligible to apply.

    · What are the Black Community Commitment focus areas?

    Michael Jordan and the Jordan Brand have designed a giving strategy that focuses on where we see the most potential to better the experiences of Black Americans in the areas of Economic Justice, Education, Narrative Change and Social Justice. We look forward to hearing from organization leaders about how their work aligns with one or more of these focus areas and outcome goals.

    · Is there a geographical focus for these grants?

    No, we encourage all US based 501(c)(3) organizations to apply. We also welcome applications from organizations that are US based and manage programs internationally.

    · Will re-grants be issued?

    If your organization was selected as a grantee you are not eligible to apply again at this time as we want to create space to allow new organizations to be recognized.

    · Is there a limit to how many times one organization can apply if they have not received a Community Grant from this program before?

    Qualified applicants may apply once each year, as long as eligibility criteria is met but we cannot guarantee that you will receive funding.

    · Does the organization have to be doing work focused on sports or athleticism?

    We encourage all 501(c)(3) organizations working to improve outcomes for the Black community to apply. If you lead programs that are sports-based, we are excited to hear about them, but it is not a requirement. Our 4 focus areas for this program are Education, Economic Justice, Social Justice, and Narrative Change.

    · Can an organization receive in-kind donations if not selected for an award?

    The Black Community Commitment Advisory Committee is not able to offer any kind of donation in lieu of financial support.

    · If I have additional questions about my application for the Community Grants Program, where should I send my question?