We want to make sure everyone has a fair shot at the latest Nike shoes and gear. To help with that, there are times when we'll hold your place "in line" for high-demand releases.

When shopping in the Nike SNKRS app or on Nike.com, you may receive a "You’re in line” or “Waiting for your turn” message. This is because we process orders on a first-come-first-serve basis, and we want to make sure the item you want is still available after we've processed the orders of people ahead of you. If you receive such a message when using SNKRS, you may close the app, and we'll send you push notifications when there are updates to share. If you're shopping on Nike.com, do not close your browser or browser window while in line. Wait times will vary based on demand.

If what you're after is available when your turn in line comes up, we'll automatically add it to your cart, notify you, and reserve it for a brief time. Once that happens, we recommend immediately checking out and completing your purchase so you don't miss out. If the item sells out while you're in line, you'll receive an out-of-stock notification.

There are steps you can take before sneakers release to improve your chances of scoring what you want. Be sure to check out our tips.

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