Most orders come with a peel-and-stick return label already in the box, and the easiest way to return a order is to use that label.

If a return label wasn’t included with your order or if you need a new one, you can download a return label, or we can email or mail you one.


If my order had a label in the box, do I need to do anything online to return it?
Nope. Just re-box your items, attach the label, and drop your return at any UPS location—that’s it!

How do I re-download a return label from
If you already downloaded a return label but need to do so again, you can just repeat the process by going to the order history in your NikePlus profile or by entering your order number if you purchased as a guest.

Do I have to pay for the return label or shipping costs?
The return label included in the box with your order is prepaid and pre-addressed, so you don’t need to do anything other than drop the return at a UPS location. NikePlus Members who download return labels from will also receive labels that are prepaid and pre-addressed as an always-on NikePlus benefit.

If you made your purchase as a guest, the return label you get online will be pre-addressed but not prepaid. You can pay for shipping when you drop your return at a UPS location, or return your order to a Nike retail store free of charge (no label required).

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