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Challenges are a fun, competitive, and creative way to push yourself, take on your friends, or run with the entire community in the NRC App. When you complete a Challenge, you’ll earn a new trophy under your Achievements. There are three types of NRC Challenges:

  • Individual Challenges are your opportunity to push yourself to a specific distance within a certain amount of time. It’s a great way to stay consistent with your running or get back in the game after some off-time.
  • Community Challenges are your chance to be part of a global running team! You’ll run virtually side-by-side with NRC runners to achieve a collective distance goal, often to support great causes.
  • You can even create a custom Challenge. You can set your distance, start and end time, and invite friends to battle it out on asphalt, trails, or treadmills. The top three finishers will earn a gold, silver, or bronze medal Achievement.

To join or create a Challenge, tap the Club tab (iOS) or Challenges tab (Android), then tap “Create a Challenge” or tap on any Challenge to join or learn more about it.

Now get running!


What Are Challenges in the Nike Run Club App? | Nike Help

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