Zoom Freak 2

The Zoom Freak 2 was made for Giannis, but designed for every type of player. It takes the design of its predecessor to the next level by moving the Zoom Air from the heel to the forefoot and adding more cushioning for better responsiveness.

For Every Type Of Player

Anybody, anywhere on any level, can put on the Zoom Freak 2, have fun and hoop.

Zoom Air + Cushioning

The combination of Zoom Air in the forefoot and soft, responsive cushioning helps you harness the power and speed you generate with every move.

Stability In Every Step

A durable molded TPU piece on the outer front helps contain and stabilize the foot through every motion from quick Euro-steps to powerful drop-steps.

Lightweight and Flexible

The decoupled outsole—separated into two areas with a rigid, supportive piece in between—helps reduce weight and improves flexibility.