Why a Girls’ Sports Bra & Not a Women’s?

    Girls’ Sports Bra Guide

    So what makes a girls’ sports bra a girls’ sports bra and not a women’s sports bra? The difference isn’t in name only—girls' bras are actually designed differently than women’s.

    Last updated: July 21, 2021

    Easing Into It

    Some girls may want to wear a bra, but that doesn’t mean they want to scream it from the rooftops. Nike girl’s sports bras are designed around real insights from real girls, which is why some styles feature super-skinny straps and U-shaped necklines. These designs make it easier to wear a sports bra under a t-shirt or tank top without being too noticeable.

    Girls’ Sports Bras vs Women’s Sports Bras
    Girls’ Sports Bras vs Women’s Sports Bras
    Girls’ Sports Bras vs Women’s Sports Bras

    Just-Right Coverage

    Let’s be real: it doesn’t exactly feel normal or natural to wear padding. And for still-growing girls, the padding isn’t necessary anyway. That’s why all Nike girls’ sports bras are made pad-less. Instead, for added support and smooth coverage, some bra styles are made with an added layer of fabric.

    Girls’ Sports Bras vs Women’s Sports Bras

    Targets Sweat

    By comparing girls’ and women’s sweat patterns, Nike bra designers can pinpoint the high-sweat areas on the body and strategically place breathable mesh panels or other sweat-wicking elements in the bra. That way, at any and every stage, there’s a Nike bra to help keep things dry and comfortable.

    Girls’ Sports Bras vs Women’s Sports Bras

    All About Comfort

    There isn’t a certain age where girls start wearing women’s bras—it all comes down to comfort and performance. If girls’ bras aren’t enough support and coverage, it may be time to transition to a women’s bra.

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