The Best Nike Long-Sleeve Workout Shirts for Women

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Slip into one of these soft, heat-capturing workout shirts when you’re breaking a sweat in cold temperatures.

Last updated: January 25, 2023
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The Best Nike Women's Long-sleeve Workout Shirts to Shop Now

Building a collection of sweat-wicking, long-sleeve tops is key for any workout wardrobe. The best part of the task? There are tons of Nike styles and fits to choose from.

For example, do you want workout shirts with a full-zip, quarter-zip, or no zip? Do you prefer a shirt that’s snug or more oversized? Check out the guide below to find the best women's long-sleeve workout shirts for your needs.

1. Nike Dri-FIT Crop Long-Sleeve

Looking for a long-sleeve accoutrement to go with your high-waist bottoms? Opt for a long-sleeve crop top by Nike.

There are several options that are made from Nike Dri-FIT fabric, which moves sweat away from the skin, keeping you stay dry during your workout.

There are even hooded Dri-FIT long-sleeve shirts. The Nike Dri-FIT women's fleece cropped training hoodie, for example — available in standard and plus sizes — is optimal for workouts when temperatures outside fluctuate the most.

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2. Nike Dri-FIT Standard Fit Long-Sleeve

Every workout wardrobe needs “the little black dress” of long-sleeved workout shirts: A standard fitting, no frills, no zip top. And there are a number of options made from Nike Dri-FIT fabric.

Both the Nike Dri-FIT Element women's running crew and Nike Dri-FIT UV One Luxe long-sleeve top, for example, are made from a silky, moisture-wicking fabric, available in more than 12 color options. While the former features thumbholes for extra coverage over your hands, the latter provides UVA and UVB protection from the sun.

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3. Nike Therma-FIT Long-Sleeve

A dip in temperature doesn’t have to keep you from your go-to trail. A long-sleeve workout shirt made with Nike Therma-FIT fleece can help you stay warm while traversing through chilly air.

Crafted from double-brushed microfiber fabric, Therma-FIT fleece works overtime to keep any chilliness at bay. Shirts made with this material protect from icy gusts and capture body heat so your torso and arms remain toasty.

When shopping within the Therma-FIT collection, consider whether or not you’ll want (or need) a little extra airflow at any point during your outdoor adventure. If you know the temperature is set to increase throughout the trek, look at some of the partial-zip options in the Nike Therma-FIT collection. For example, both the Nike ACG Therma-FIT "Wolf Tree" graphic 1/2-zip pullover top and Nike ACG Therma-FIT "Wolf Tree" 1/4-zip top are available in subtle, funky patterns.

If, however, the weather report promises low temps for the duration of your activity, consider wearing a standard-fit long-sleeve top with a crew neck as a mid-layer.

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4. Nike Oversized Therma-FIT ADV Long-Sleeve

Oversized long-sleeve shirts are designed to keep your torso toasty, whether you’re in the weight room, on your yoga mat, or outdoors bracing the elements.

For an oversized yoga shirt, check out the Nike Yoga Therma-FIT ADV women's top, available in a range of colors and designs. Large enough to wrap around your body like a hug, this soft wool cover will keep your muscles warm while you lie in savasana pose.

For a general training tunic, shop an oversized crew or a classic forward hoodie instead. Crafted from a series of thin layers, these workout shirts are both warm and lightweight. These thin and breathable long-sleeve tops have a leg up on bulkier cover-ups, as those can interfere with arm mobility.

Words by Gabrielle Kassel

Originally published: January 18, 2023

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