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Alex Iwobi

Nigeria National Football Team

Alex Iwobi was born in the metropolis of Lagos before moving to England as a young child. While he began as a youth international for England, the draw of representing his home country was too great to ignore. Having made his mark in the Premier League as well as international football, Iwobi has proven himself as a key player for his country. However, when he steps onto the pitch, he’s playing for something even greater: family. 

Football in the Blood

Iwobi is the nephew of Nigerian soccer playing legend Jay-Jay Okocha of the 1994 “Dream Team” — the same side whose kits are revived in the new Naija collection. “He helped me with my football a lot,” Iwobi says of his uncle. “I would go watch him and see what he did so I could perform like him. I’ve always tried to be just as good, if not better, than my uncle. I didn’t take it as pressure, I took it as motivation. Now that I’m older he’s helping me with more of the off-pitch things and keeping my focus.” 

Making Football History

With a family connection to Nigeria’s footballing legacy, Iwobi is now tapped to carry the side into the future. His creativity and confidence will inspire the youthful Nigerian side as they take to Russia, looking to shock the world.