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Lagos: Fighting for Respect in Soccer

Emerging Women in Film

What does soccer mean to you? That's the question we asked three, emerging women filmmakers through a partnership with Girls in Film, a collective that empowers female-identifying creatives in the film industry. And from their communities in Lagos, London and New York City, they answered.

In "A Game for All," Nigerian-American filmmaker Amarachi Nwosu flew to her home country to show the changing face of football in Lagos. It's the story of a player, a photographer and a broadcaster ⁠— all of whom are fighting for respect in the game. Watch her film above.

Fighting for Respect in Football


"Through this film, I want to encourage more women in Nigeria to be a part of sports ⁠— both on and off the pitch," Amarachi, 23, said.

Amarachi is a self-taught filmmaker and photographer, who lives between New York, Washington, D.C. and Lagos. She is the founder of Melanin Unscripted, a platform that tells complex stories of cultures and identities around the world. You can follow her on Instagram @amaraworldwide and see more of her work at www.amarachinwosu.com.

Fighting for Respect in Football


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