Meet Leticia

Leticia lives in São Paulo, the most populous city in Brazil and the center of a buzzing street soccer scene. “I began to play when I was about six years old,” she says. “In the beginning it was just me as a girl on the streets. They used to say that this was not a sport for women, but I did not care because it was what I liked the most, so I continued with it.”

For her, soccer might mean competing for neighborhood pride at a local cement court or creating for fun in an improvised street game. “We put out our flip-flops and take four steps and mark the goal areas,” says Leticia. “If the street is downhill, we say that the team that is playing on the upper side has to go get the ball if it’s kicked too far down. And when a car comes, we need to stop and wait until we can return.”

“Precision is necessary in every moment of the game.”

Leticia A.
São Paulo

The tight spaces and varied surfaces of São Paulo mean precision and agility are crucial. Leticia relies on perfect touch and quick movements to win. As she says, “When I play on the streets, I really like to keep the ball at my feet. If you are very precise everything ends up flowing well. And if a game is too locked down—both teams attacking and defending—agility can be the difference.”

Street soccer players like Leticia, who love the game for the freedom it allows, were the inspiration behind the Phantom Vision 2 IC. “The feeling that I have for soccer is gratitude,” she says. “Any problem I may be facing, all I have to do is play ball and it is over. Being there, doing what I like—to me, to play ball is everything.”