How the Nike Run Club App Can Help You Reach Your Running Goals

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The Nike Run Club app can help runners of all levels crush their running goals.

Last updated: June 7, 2022
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How to Set and Achieve New Running Goals With the Nike Run Club App

For beginners kickstarting a running journey or advanced athletes looking to set a personal best, running apps can be a valuable tool to help achieve your goals. The best apps for running can act as a trusted training partner that keeps you accountable, while also making the process fun and rewarding. And a top-notch, reliable running app doesn’t need to cost you anything.

The Nike Run Club (NRC) is an app free to download and use. It’s called a “club” for a reason: Once you’re in, NRC offers the perks that come with any supportive run club — training tips, a virtual runner community, route tracking and expert coaching to keep you on on your journey. Here’s what to expect.

5 Nike Run Club App Features to Help You Crush Your Running Goals

  1. 1.Audio-Guided Runs

    If you could use some added motivation during your runs, choose an audio-guided run led by a Nike running expert, athlete or coach, like Chris Bennett, Nike running global head coach. NRC experts offer running tips, stories and inspiration throughout distance- or time-based runs.

    You can find audio-guided shorts runs, long runs, 5Ks, 10Ks, speed runs and even treadmill runs to provide virtual company as you log your training. Try a guided run from the mindful running pack, a collaboration between NRC and Headspace to help better connect your mind and body as you run.

    Tip: Play your own music in the background or queue up an NRC-curated playlist. You can also easily download runs to access any time (in case you’re running in an area with spotty service).

  2. 2.Training Plans

    Whether you have an upcoming race or want to challenge yourself and improve your endurance, the NRC app has different training plans to choose from. These include:

    • 4-Week “Get Started” Training Plan
      This training plan is best for beginners who want to start running, but any runner can benefit. Created and coached by Bennett, each week features approximately three runs. Throughout the plan, runs range from 5 to 42 minutes.

      Bonus: Two of the runs are guided by Bennett. As the program progresses, you’ll be introduced to new types of training runs, including speed runs, long runs, intervals and fartleks (speed training that incorporates periods of fast and slow running).

    • 8-Week 5K Training Plan
      This training plan is built for runners of all levels. Like the four-week plan, this plan is created and coached by Bennett. Over eight weeks, the program features five weekly training runs, ranging from easy runs to speed runs to long runs to help develop consistency and endurance.

    • 14-Week Half-Marathon Training Plan
      This training plan is led by Bennett and Shalane Flanagan, four-time Olympic runner, silver medalist in the 10,000 meters and coach of the Nike-sponsored professional running group, Bowerman Track Club. This training plan focuses on distance- and duration-based runs, but it also incorporates speed work (intervals, tempo runs and hill workouts).

      Since this program emphasizes increasing your weekly mileage, the plan also underscores the importance of recovery. Each run has the option to be done as an audio-guided run as well.
  3. 3.Community Challenges

    NRC hosts weekly and monthly challenges for members. From a weekly three-mile or nine-mile challenge to a monthly 100K (62-mile) challenge, there’s a community of runners to join while striving for your goals.

    You can also easily set up a challenge for you and your friends. To create a DIY challenge, click “Create a Challenge” under the club tab in the app. Then, pick a distance, set the dates for the challenge and invite friends. You can make it as challenging as you like, and you’ll be able to see friends’ progress.

  4. 4.Run Tracking

    The NRC app tracks lots of running data, including pace, location (whether you're running indoors or outdoors), distance, elevation, heart rate and mile splits. And it accumulates your data to track your stats and progress over time.

    Plus, the app can track how many miles you’ve logged in each pair of shoes, so you’ll know when it’s time to get a new pair. (Hint: It’s typically best to replace running shoes after 300 to 500 miles of wear.)

  5. 5.Pairing With Fitness Wearables

    NRC seamlessly pairs with the Apple Watch Nike. For the most interactive, real-time feedback on your movement, the new Bounce watch face reacts to motion and shares metrics as you move. If you prefer to keep your eyes on the trail or road, you can enable the watch with audio features to read your stats aloud to you.

    If you don’t have an Apple Watch, you can always access the NRC app on your smartphone — just securely tuck the phone in your pocket or in an arm band and press “Start.”

Words by Emily Shiffer

How to Set and Achieve New Running Goals With the Nike Run Club App

Nike Run Club

Listen to the Guided Runs in the Nike Run Club App and run with some of the best coaches and athletes, like Eliud Kipchoge, Shalane Flanagan, and Mo Farah. Our Guided Runs give you the guidance you need to listen to your body, adapt to your training plan, and become your own best coach.

Originally published: May 27, 2022

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