The Best Nike Fleece Pants for Women to Shop Now

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Cozy up on the couch, hoist a barbell at the gym or showcase personal style with these versatile fleece sweatpants, engineered for comfort and durability.

Last updated: January 31, 2023
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The Best Nike Fleece Pants for Women

Fleece pants are often reserved for two occasions: sinking into a sofa or hitting the gym. But thanks to a variety of cuts, rises and colors, fleece pants are now a way to express personal style in and out of the house.

Nike fleece pants for women are crafted with high-quality material that’s suitable for lazy days, working up a sweat or completing a look. Shop the best fleece pants for women by Nike with this guide.

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The Best Nike Fleece Pants for Women

1. For Personal Style: Nike Phoenix Fleece Pants for Women

Stitched with exaggerated details and bold hues, Nike Phoenix Fleece pants achieve a modern look. Several options, such as wide-leg, ribbed-leg and oversized cuts, as well as high-, medium- and low-rise varieties, help showcase personal style.

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2. For Versatility: Nike Club Fleece Pants for Women

Club Fleece has been a fleece staple at Nike for decades. This material is soft and cozy but still sturdy and structured, making Nike Club Fleece pants ideal for workouts, running errands, lounging at home and everything in between. Club Fleece pants come in a wide selection of colors and prints.

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3. For Workouts: Nike Dri-FIT Fleece Pants for Women

For a fleece pant that keeps athletes comfortable, cool and dry during intense sweat sessions, Nike Dri-FIT fleece pants are a top choice. That’s because Nike Dri-FIT technology is a high-performance polyester fabric that helps sweat dry quickly and not accumulate on the skin (or soak into the fabric).

Find Nike Dri-FIT fleece pants in high, medium and low rises, as well as wide- and ribbed-leg varieties.

4. For Chilly Weather: Nike Therma-FIT Fleece Pants for Women

If you’re exploring snowy terrain or exercising outdoors in cold months, reach for Nike Therma-FIT or Therma-FIT ADV fleece pants. This warming technology uses microfiber fleece to retain and recirculate body heat.

Nike Therma-FIT ADV goes a step further, adding advanced engineering to keep your core warm. Despite its protective qualities, these fleece pants remain breathable and never bulky, making them ideal for a variety of athletic activities.

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Words by Julia Sullivan

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