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Tonal Dressing

Also known as monochromatic, you might've already tried the tonal trend by dressing in a single shade. But the secret to taking things to the next level is by playing with your color's entire palette, and bringing in textures to add depth.

The Must-Have

A Triple-White Sneaker

It doesn’t get any simpler than classic white on white kicks. These triple whites pair perfectly with everything from muted neutrals to richer hues, making them ideal for tonal dressing.

Stylist Tips

Texture. Layer.

Maki Katsumoto, our photoshoot's stylist, gave us a few tips on how to achieve the looks from the shoot IRL. "It's all about textures," Maki said. "Whether it's bringing in sheer fabrics or silks, layers have a lot to do with it. The nice thing about having a color palette to play in is that you can mix gym styles with sportswear pieces and it's not going to look out of place."

Texture is key to creating tonal style with what you have. Adding a few interesting layers and pieces can make your whole look.

Maki Katsumoto, Stylist

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