Reserved for You invitations are one of the many types of NikePlus Membership Unlocks. They offer shoes and experiences we think you’ll love, based on your interests, purchases, and activity in the Nike app.

Look for Reserved for You invitations in your Nike app inbox, and don't delay when you see them—they're only good for a limited time. And the more active you are in the Nike app, the more personalized your offers will be.


How does Nike select who receives an invitation?
We select Reserved for You invitations based on who we think will be interested in a particular product based on interests, previous purchases, and activity in the Nike app. The more active you are in the app, the more personalized the offers.

Will all shoes have Reserved for You invitations?
Only certain shoes and experiences will be offered through Reserved for You. Be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for the latest invitations.

If I receive an invitation, am I guaranteed the option to purchase the shoes?
Each invitation is open for a limited time and quantities can be limited. If you’re having a difficult time buying with your invitation, contact us and we'll be happy to help.

How long do I have to buy or book my Reserved for You invitation?
The expiration date and time is included in each individual Reserved for You invitation.

Can I buy more than one pair of shoes per Reserved for You invitation?
You can only buy one pair with each Reserved for You invitation. If you’d like to buy similar pairs, our Nike Experts on Demand in the Nike app can easily point you to another pair you’ll love.

Is my invitation size-specific?
Some, but not all invitations, will be reserved in your size, so be sure to check the details before you complete your order. Don’t forget to save your shoe size in the Nike app settings.

What if my Reserved for You invitation is the wrong size?
No need to stress, contact our Nike Experts on Demand in the Nike app. Remember, some invitations are limited in quantities. We may not be able to get the shoe in your size, but we’ll work with you to find something similar.

Why did I receive an “Unavailable” message?
The shoes have been added to other shopping carts and all available pairs have been purchased or are temporarily held. Keep checking. Other customers may not complete their purchases, making the product available again.

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