Nike offers a six-month rubber Outsole Durability Guarantee on several performance tennis shoe styles.

Current styles with this guarantee include:

  • Zoom Cage 2 (styles 705247, 705260)
  • Zoom Cage 3 (styles 918193, 918199)
  • Zoom Cage 3 HC (style 923121)
  • Lunar Ballistec 1.5 (styles 705285, 705291,812935, 852215)

You can find the style number on the label inside the shoe. Each eligible tennis shoe sold in the US is packaged with a card that explains the details of this guarantee.

If you're not sure whether your shoes are eligible for this guarantee—or if you have any additional questions about our claims process—just give us a call.

If the shoes have a material or workmanship flaw and do not meet the criteria for the Outsole Durability Guarantee, you may still be able to set up a claim. Please visit for more info.

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