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Your Nike NBA Connected Jersey gives you next-level access to the game you love. To get started, download and open the NikeConnect app. Then, just tap your smartphone on the tag at the bottom of your jersey to unlock NBA highlights.



Will Young Athlete NBA Jerseys have the NikeConnect technology?
No. Currently, only the Nike Swingman and Authentic jerseys have the NikeConnect technology.

Does the Nike NBA Connected Jersey experience work worldwide?
Yes. This experience is offered in every jersey sold globally.

What happens in the experience during pre-season and off-season?
While the primary experience revolves around Game Days during the regular season, in the Pre- and Off-season we will offer highlights from the previous season, exclusive Nike athlete content, and great offers.


What if I tap in to the Nike NBA Connected Jersey but don't buy it?
You can tap in to the Nike NBA Connected Jersey prior to purchase to try it out. But your session will expire. In order to access the full Nike NBA Connected Jersey experience repeatedly, you’ll need to tap the Jersey again. You will only have full access to the experience until the next Game Day for that team.

What happens if my friends tap in to my Nike NBA Connected Jersey?
Your friends can tap in to your Nike NBA Connected Jersey with their own phones to try it out. But their sessions will expire. In order to access the full Nike NBA Connected Jersey experience repeatedly, they’ll need to log in or register with their NikePlus profiles.They’ll then have full access to the experience until the next Game Day for that team.

What do I see if I tap in to different Nike NBA Connected Jerseys in a store?
The Nike NBA Connected Jersey experience is unique to each player and team. If you tap in to different jerseys and are logged in with your NikePlus profile, you’ll see the content associated with that player/team for that day.

What happens to all the tap-ins that other people performed on the jersey I just bought off the rack?
Previous tap-ins for a particular jersey are never exposed to any other user, so as soon as you buy the Nike NBA Connected Jersey, it’s all yours. Just log in and begin tapping-in on game days.

What types of marketing will the NBA do if I tick the box?
Please refer to the NBA’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

How do I "Tap In To" my Nike NBA Connected Jersey?
Download and install the NikeConnect app. Proceed to the NFC Scanning screen (app must be opened and foregrounded). Place your compatible smartphone over the NikeConnect logo on the Nike NBA Connect Jersey, as shown in the looping video in the app. The Nike NBA Connected Jersey experience will launch automatically.

Why does Nike need to send my data to the NBA?
Nike will share your registration data and connected jersey data with the NBA in order to provide the most personalized experience.


What should I do if the Connected Jersey experience does not match the jersey I am wearing?
Tap your jersey again. If the Nike NBA Connected Jersey experience that comes up does not match your player or your team for that jersey, go to Settings > Help and tap the large “Contact Us” button to speak to a Nike representative. The representative will ask you questions about your jersey, so please have it on hand when you call. You will also be asked to read the Jersey ID and style code numbers found in the Settings > Profile Settings screen.

What happens if my player gets injured for the season?
If your player gets injured, even though he is not playing, you will still have full access to the content of his team.

What else do I need in order to access the NikeConnect Jersey experience?
Accessing the Nike NBA Connected Jersey experience requires the NikeConnect app, which is available in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

NikeConnect scanning functionality requires an iPhone 7 or newer (running iOS 11 or newer) or a compatible Android device (running version 4.2 or newer) that’s NFC enabled.


What is NikeConnect technology?
NikeConnect is an enabling technology that uses NFC to power seamless, personal connections between athletes and their Nike products by unlocking best-in-class services and innovative experiences.

What is NFC?
“NFC” stands for Near Field Communication; NFC technology enables the wireless transfer of small amounts of data from a passive (battery-less) tag to a powered reader.

Why did Nike choose NFC over other technologies like RFID?
We looked at multiple technologies and NFC was selected based on the costs, durability, and use cases we considered.

How is NFC used in NikeConnect?
For Nike’s Connected Jerseys, the user’s smartphone running the NikeConnect or Nike app powers the NFC tag in the jersey’s jock tag (woven label) so the tag can securely send its identifying information to that app and launch the relevant experience.

What information does the NFC tag contain?

  • The NFC tag contains its unique NFC ID and a URL that tells the app which Connected Jersey experience to launch.
  • At the Nike factory, the unique NFC ID is paired to the product code, which contains the jersey version, team, player (if applicable), and size.
  • The NFC tag does NOT contain any consumer information.

Does the NFC tag have a battery? If not, how does it work?
No. NFC tags are passive, meaning they function without a battery. The NFC tag has an antenna that captures energy from the NFC reader (the user’s smartphone) to power up the tag and allow it to send the data on the tag back to the reader.

Is the NFC tag durable? Can I wash it?
We have performed wash and wear tests and have identified ways to integrate adding NFC tags into our existing manufacturing and reliability processes.

Is it OK to wear through airport security/arena security?
Yes. We do not expect any issues with airport security or arena security.

Why do I need to log in with my NikePlus profile?
Your NikePlus profile is used to provide curated content, personalized offers and tailored experiences within the Nike app (and all Nike apps). Additionally, secure access to the NikeConnect platform, via your NikePlus profile, is required in order to understand the association of the NFC ID to the Nike product information.

What if I don't have a NikePlus profile or can't remember my login/password?
If you don’t have a NikePlus profile, create an account through the Nike app by tapping "JOIN NOW" on the login screen. If you can’t remember your NikePlus password, enter your email address and tap the "Forgot Password?" link on the login screen. A password recovery email will be sent to the address associated with that account.

Can I sign in using Facebook?
Yes. Simply tap on the "LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK" button on the login screen to simplify your login process. If this is the first time you have logged in with Facebook or do not have a NikePlus profile, you will need to enter your information; on subsequent visits, you can just tap the "LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK" button.

Why do I need to enter in my location?
Throughout the course of the season, certain Nike offers will be made available to users who are located in a certain area. Enter your nearest city or zip/postal code to ensure your eligibility for upcoming targeted offers.

How is Nike safe-guarding my data?
Nike takes the protection of consumer data very seriously. Our goal is to be clear to consumers about the information we collect when they use our products and services, and how we use their information. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information about how we use the data we collect.

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