Last updated: 25 May 2021

Never Asked Questions

Small Breasts, Big Breasts and Bra Cup Bunching

Welcome to NAQs, where we answer the questions you’ve never dared to ask about breasts, sports bras and exercise.

When it comes to bras issues, there are so many things to cover. Today we answer:

  1. What bra fits my small breasts and large ribcage?
  2. Where can I find the right support for my large breasts?
  3. How do I stop bra cups from bunching up?

1. What Bra Fits My Small Breasts and Large Ribcage?

Obsessing the fit can be a real struggle when the shelves don’t have bras that fit your proportions. But don’t lose heart, there are sizes out there that will work for every body, including yours.

For that perfect fit, look for bras that have a more specific size range. Try the Alpha Bra, which is super comfortable, has high support and runs in size options for a smaller cup but larger ribcage. For an even more specific fit, the Rival Bra comes in sizes 30A-44G.

2. Where Can I Find the Right Support for My Large Breasts?

How To Wash A Sports Bra | NAQs

Breasts don’t come with built-in support, and that means that when we move, so do our breasts: from side to side, up and down, and in and out. The bigger they are, the more they bounce, so if you are bigger busted it’s worth looking into styles that offer more support, even for low-impact activities.

Styles with more coverage and compression can help to avoid discomfort or pain, so it’s worth taking the time to find the right fit. The Rival and the Alpha both adjust at the back so bigger-busted athletes can get a better fit at the band as well as the shoulder. Getting the right fit means you get the best amount of compression, so you’ll feel more comfortable in motion.

3. How Do I Stop Bra Cups From Bunching Up?

Hands up if you’ve ever taken a bra out of the wash to find it twisted out of shape? Or had your flow interrupted when you’re in a workout zone because of a bra malfunction? Bunched-up bra cups are almost certain to throw you off your game — and a common annoyance when you’re wearing a bra with removable pads. If they shift out of position, they can fold and crease up, creating tightness and friction.

How To Wash A Sports Bra | NAQs

Wash and Go

Washing machine cycles (especially the spin cycle) are often to blame for your bras getting bunched up. The key to avoiding that uncomfortable feeling is to take pads out when you wash the bra, and hand wash them instead. Then, make sure you let the pads air dry. Putting the pads through the dryer can distort their shape, and lead to unwanted folds or creases.

When you put the pads back in the bra, check to make sure they’re in the right way (straight sides and not sideways) and take a little bit of time to make sure they’re sitting right. Then get set and go!

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How To Wash A Sports Bra | NAQs

Originally published: 25 May 2021