Last updated: 20 May 2021

Never Asked Questions

Sweat, Chaffing & Riding Up Underbands

Welcome to NAQs, where we answer the questions you’ve never dared ask about breasts, sports bras and exercise.

Today is all about some common side effects we've all experience when working out, as we answer:
1. How Do I Deal With Underboob Sweat?
2. Why Does My Sports Bra Chafe?
3. Why Does My Bra Ride Up At The Back?"

1. What’s with breast sweat? Can I stop it?

Let’s get into breasts, sweat, and their “it’s complicated” relationship. Yes, it’s real, and yes, all women get it - even if some don’t like to talk about it.

How To Deal with Underboob Sweat | NAQs
How To Deal with Underboob Sweat | NAQs
How To Deal with Underboob Sweat | NAQs

The sweat factor

It’s great to see more and more women rocking their breast sweat as proof of a workout well done. But we know it can feel gross, and sweat pools in your bra’s underband can cause a build up of bacteria that could lead to chafing or rashes.

To combat that, we’ve launched the Ultrabreathe collection in light, medium and high support styles. It’s 30% more breathable than our other bras, meaning air can travel through the fabric and you can say bye bye to irritating sweat. The mesh design means dry time is super quick, and cutaways make sure your breasts can breathe.

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How To Deal with Underboob Sweat | NAQs

2. Why Does My Sports Bra Chafe

You’re not alone when it comes to chafing during exercie. We all know it. No one is a fan. When you workout, you’re going to sweat. And when you sweat, well, you’re going to chafe. We’re here to tell you why it happens, and what you can do to minimise chafe and prevent distraction.

Fit to function

Chafing can be a major barrier to your comfort and confidence. Running a marathon, a HIIT workout, or pretty much anything that involves repetitive movement, can all lead to the dreaded chafe. But making sure your bra fits right is key to minimising discomfort.

A bra that's tight bra will dig in and chafe when you move. You want the bottom band to be snug enough that you feel supported, but not restricted. And if it’s too big, your bra won’t have that ‘second skin’ feeling, and will move against you creating friction. Always try a new bra on and put it to the test. A perfect fit can up your game, and chafing will be a thing of the past. So be like Goldilocks and find the right fit for you.

If breast sweat has ever had you feel uncomfortable then check out last week’s NAQs on how to handle it. Explore our range of sports bras designed to help you feel your best so you can do your best.

How To Deal with Underboob Sweat | NAQs

3. Why's My Bra Always Riding Up?

We’ve all seen women with the back of their bra underband riding up too high. It’s a sure sign of a poor fit that can damage your breasts. Let’s
 talk fit.

Obsess The Fit

This common problem happens because your bra doesn’t fit properly. A sports bra that’s riding up can cause back skin to bunch up, so hearing you need to size down might surprise you.

The band is moving because the weight of your breasts is pulling the loose underband down at the front and up at the back. A snugger fit will stop the band from rising with more support.

Measure the distance around your ribcage to find your correct size. Breathe normally and place the tape measure directly under your bust. Measure all the way around. This is your underband measurement. If it’s an odd number then try on a few sizes either side to find what feels best.

A bra that fits to your frame will help you feel more comfortable and perform your best. We give you 30 days to test your bra out. If it doesn’t fit the way you want it to, you can send it back. No questions asked.

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Originally published: 31 March 2021