Last updated: 20 May 2021

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Asymmetrical Breasts & Recovering After Surgery

Welcome to NAQs, where we answer the questions you’ve never dared ask about breasts, sports bras and exercise.

Today is all about two topics we don't talk about enough: asymmetrical breasts (totally normal) and recovering after breast surgery.

Is it Normal For Breasts to be Different Sizes (Asymmetrical)?

YES, GIRL. It’s Totally Normal.

And once more for all of you in the back: It is completely normal to have one breast bigger than the other. In fact, it’s more common than for them to be exactly the same. Breasts are asymmetrical by default. In fact, some women have breasts that vary by an entire cup size. The shape will differ too, because breasts can grow from water retention and blood flow.

Is It Normal For Breasts To Be Different Sizes? | NAQs
Is It Normal For Breasts To Be Different Sizes? | NAQs

We’ve made it easy to find a sports bra that fits, even if you’ve got two different cup sizes going on. ALPHA sizing uses a Small to X-Large range and makes finding your fit simple. If one breast is a 34B and the other is a 34C then a Small will be the right fit for both.

Breasts and Your Menstrual Cycle

Breasts change during your cycle, and our bras will accommodate that, but if there is a large or sudden change in asymmetry then check in with your doctor. Check out last week’s NAQ on why wearing a sports bra is the best thing you could do for your breasts and shop our styles to find the best fit.

Is It Normal For Breasts To Be Different Sizes? | NAQs
Is It Normal For Breasts To Be Different Sizes? | NAQs

Can I Wear a Sports Bra After Cosmetic Breast Surgery?

Which Bra is Best?

When you’re ready to get into exercise (and it’s ok with your doctor) you must support the area as much as possible.

We recommend a high or medium support sports bra as they’re best for reducing breast movement. A sports bra with a smooth fabric will be softer against your skin as you heal.

Technology like Flyknit is designed to be seamless and other materials, like Nike Dri-FIT help to keep you dry to minimize chafing. Breast implants require proper support for comfort and health purposes, so you must continue to wear a sports bra whenever exercising.

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Originally published: 31 March 2021