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Learn to Set Micro Goals

Last updated: September 1, 2020

By Betina Gozo

Learn to Set Micro Goals

How to turn your big dreams into actionable and achievable tasks.

We’ve all set goals before – setting them is the easy part, because dreaming big can be really fun. Following through to make those dreams a reality? That’s the hard part.

My advice is to take your big picture goal and break it down into more specific, doable micro goals.

For example, I have clients who say their goal is, “I want to get in shape.” That’s a great big picture goal. But it’s easy to put off starting until tomorrow because there’s no deadline and there’s no quantitative way to measure if you’re meeting it or not.

So I ask clients to drill down and to be more specific from there. “I want to get in shape so I’m going to start working out.” Okay, getting there, but not specific enough yet.

“What’s the smallest micro goal you can break your big picture goal into?”

Betina Gozo

“I want to get in shape, so I’m going to start doing three workouts a week for the next month.” Boom! Now that’s a goal you can achieve.

Or maybe you say your goal is “I’m going to eat healthier.” Said that way, it’s so vague that it’s almost too big to accomplish.

What are the brass tacks of things you could do that would help you achieve that big goal? Make those your teeny-tiny micro goals.

Turn it into “I’m going to cut out soda from my diet this week.” Or, “I’m going to replace my nightly snack of gummy bears this week with a piece of fruit.” I guarantee if you tell yourself, “I can’t have gummy bears,” you’re going to be miserable. That’s a restriction, not a goal. Instead, reframe it as something you’re doing in service of meeting your big goal.

If you keep meeting your micro goals – working out three times a week or replacing candy with fruit – I know you’re going to see major results.

Learn to Set Micro Goals

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