The 7 Best Nike Hooded Jacket Styles for Men

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Whether to shield from wind, rain or snow, these hooded men’s jackets by Nike are engineered for warmth and coziness.

Last updated: February 28, 2023
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The 7 Best Nike Hooded Jackets for Men

When stormy weather is in the forecast, an insulative, hooded jacket can make all the difference. Nike offers hooded jackets for men in a variety of styles — from full-coverage parkas to fuzzy fleece layers — to keep warm and dry, no matter the weather.

Find the Nike best hooded jacket for men with this guide.

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The Best Nike Hooded Jackets for Men

1. Nike Hooded Parkas

Nike parkas, many of which are hooded, are essential garments for cold weather. The parka’s hemline is designed to fall past the hips, providing extra coverage in snow or rain.

Find Nike hooded parkas in materials like Nike Therma-FIT, which retains body heat for extra insulation. Look for parkas with adjustable drawstrings on the front and back of the hood for a snug fit, keeping out cold air.

2. Nike Hooded Puffer Jackets

Whether worn as casual streetwear or ski attire, Nike hooded puffer jackets can suit a variety of occasions. These jackets pair puffy, synthetic fabric with an outer shell that infuses windproof and waterproof materials. The hoods on most puffer jackets are spacious, giving ample coverage in inclement weather.

3. Nike Hooded Windbreakers

Hooded windbreakers by Nike are not only modern and sleek, they are also protective against the wind. Windrunner fabric — integrated into several hooded windbreakers — is engineered to keep gusts of air from penetrating the fabric and reaching the skin, keeping athletes comfortable while in motion.

4. Nike Hooded Rain Jackets

A hooded rain jacket is a necessity when trekking in a storm. In several hooded Nike rain jackets, you’ll find Nike Storm-FIT material, which combines advanced engineered windproof and waterproof fabric with features like fully sealed seams to lock out moisture. Many hoods on Nike rain jackets are oversize to keep droplets from reaching the face.

5. Nike Hooded Fleece Jackets

Run errands or hit the track in a versatile fleece jacket by Nike. These jackets — many of which are hooded — are made with a variety of fleece materials, including Club Fleece (think: cozy, classic Nike fleece) and Tech Fleece (think: thinner, sleeker and designed for movement).

6. Nike Hooded Track Jackets

Track jackets, a sideline or pre-workout staple, feel smooth against the skin — and many Nike track jackets contain full-coverage hoods, too. Nike track jackets come in a range of styles, colors and designs, several of which are adorned with sports teams’ logos so you can rep your favorite team.

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7. Nike Hooded Anorak Jackets

Like parkas, Nike anorak jackets are designed for ultra-cold days. However, hooded anoraks from Nike feature a slightly shorter silhouette than a parka and a roomy fit that makes layering beneath easy.

Find Nike anoraks in full- and half-zip varieties and with drawstrings in the hood to secure a customized fit — making them ideal for casual wear or exercise.

Words by Julia Sullivan

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