Nike Revolution 6 FlyEase



所有運動員都適用的多功能鞋款之一,採用至少占總重量 20% 的再生材質製成。Nike FlyEase 技術,讓穿脫變得超輕鬆。無論是全天候比賽、隨興穿搭或跑道練習,一開跑就自信十足、暢快舒適。

  • 顯示顏色: 黑/Mint Foam/Canyon Purple/Metallic Red Bronze
  • 款式: DD1113-005


評價 (6)

4.2 顆星

  • Fly Ease Absolutely Brilliant

    15200399665 - 2022年5月21日

    These are fantastic- my son has autism and problems with fine motor skills and he can put these on and off easily- they are also so soft that he can wear them unlike anything else due to his sensory needs, we have been buying these for a few years now and there are 2 things I would like to see pleeeeeeeease : Always black ones available please ( he only likes plain black) but I do buy every size available for future wear if available : can you please please please start making them in waterproof version

  • Poor Quality

    a4a2b11e-99cd-406b-bc3c-44a608fc6f73 - 2022年5月14日

    Poor quality. Fabric top of the insole fell off within 1st week. Velcro closure stopped working within 2 month of usage.

  • Amazing

    HannahS93982246 - 2022年2月19日

    These are amazing! I am a 27 year old with cerebral palsy and I finally have a pair of trainers that I can put on and take off independently. Laces have been a constant struggle in my life and with these I no longer have to worry, I live in these. Bonus points for looking like normal trainers rather than adapted ones. Thank you Nike for giving me my independence with shoes, and for being a brand that is accessible!