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You've downloaded the Nike Run Club App, you’re ready to commit to a training plan, but you don't know where to begin. Don’t worry—it takes only a few simple steps to create your  personalized and adaptive NRC coach plan:

  1. On the Run screen select “MY COACH.”
  2. Then pick the plan that’s best for you:
    1. Get Started: Four-week plan that will help you take that first step.
    2. Get More Fit: Eight-week plan that will help you become a better athlete.
    3. Get Ready for Race Day: A variety of run types to help you achieve your race day goals.
  3. Select “SET UP PLAN.” Setting up your plan will give the NRC coach program information about your current activity and fitness levels to help build a personalized plan for you.
  4. After you complete the plan setup, select “BUILD MY PLAN,” and you’re ready to get started.

Once your plan is underway, you can go to MY COACH on the Run screen to see your workout overview and plan preferences, track your progress, and make any changes to your run schedule.


Can I edit my workout schedule?
Yes, we understand how important flexibility is when you're training. Just open your plan and select "EDIT SCHEDULE." Then select and drag the workouts to the best day for your schedule.

What if I miss a workout?
Don’t stress, you can complete any workout within the current week. So, if you miss that Tuesday run, you still have until Sunday to complete it for credit in the plan.

What if I did a run, but wasn’t able to use the app to track it?
No worries, you can manually add a run to your coach plan if you were unable to track it using the NRC App.

What if my run didn't apply to my coach plan?
Every run counts.

  1. Go to the run in your Activity tab.
  2. Tap the three dots.
  3. Tap "Edit Run."
  4. Tap "My Plan."
  5. Assign the run to one of your planned activities.
NRC Coach Plan

How Do I Start a Coach Plan in the Nike Run Club App? | Nike Help

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