From time-to-time, we use drawings through the Nike SNKRS app and website to give you a chance to reserve some of our most in-demand, limited-edition shoes.

To enter, you'll need a NikePlus Profile. It also helps to have the Nike SNKRS app with notifications enabled, and to follow @NikeStore on Twitter.

Here's how the drawing works:

  1. When a drawing goes live, @NikeStore will tweet a link to the shoes on Nike SNKRS. The SNKRS app also will send a mobile notification.
  2. As soon as you see the tweet or notification, click on either to access the drawing. If you're not signed in to your NikePlus Profile, you'll need to sign in before entering.
  3. Drawing entry windows are open only for a limited time, and we’ll have a countdown clock to show how much time you have to enter.
  4. Select the shoe(s) you want and choose your size. We do require a payment method to pre-authorize your purchase when you enter—you'll only be charged if you’re selected in the drawing.
  5. When the drawing countdown clock expires, we’ll randomly select entries and email purchase information and order confirmations to those selected within 24 hours. If you’re not selected for the drawing, we’ll let you know and encourage you to enter future drawings.

Winning orders also score free shipping and free returns within 30 days.

Ready to get in the game? Check out SNKRS for a look at what's coming up. And be sure to see our SNKRS Drawing Terms and Conditions for complete rules and details.


Can I opt out of buying the shoes if I'm selected in the drawing?
By entering the drawing, you are explicitly agreeing to purchase the shoes, should you be chosen. If you've changed your mind about the shoes, you can return them to us at no charge within 30 days. Please see the terms and conditions for details.

Can I change the shoe size I requested?
We’re not able to change the registration entry once you've submitted it, so choose carefully when entering.

Can I submit an entry for more than one shoe?
We allow only one entry per person, per shoe style. If we have simultaneous drawings going on, you may register for as many shoe styles as you wish.

Can I use my Swoosh account to participate?
Only NikePlus Profiles are eligible to participate. accounts are not eligible to participate.

What happens if I entered the drawing and was not selected?
If you’re not selected, you will not be able to purchase the shoes. We recommend you bookmark SNKRS, keep an eye on the SNKRS app, and follow @NikeStore on Twitter for information on upcoming releases and future drawings.

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