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Nike Master Trainers work hard to earn the title. They represent the pinnacle of every training discipline, from high-intensity training to yoga—and they’re leading a charge to transform lives through holistic fitness. We sought them out in cities around the world—and together we created the workouts in the Nike Training Club app, where their advice and guidance helps athletes hone their routine and reach their goals. Here's a list of our Nike Master Trainers around the globe:

  • Betina Gozo, Los Angeles, CA
  • Branden Collinsworth, Los Angeles, CA
  • Ryan Lauderdale, Los Angeles, CA
  • Brian Buck, San Francisco, CA
  • Brian Nunez, Santa Clara, CA
  • Bryan Jackson, Chicago, IL
  • Dave Carson, Chicago, IL
  • Emily Hutchins, Chicago, IL
  • Kate Lemere, Chicago, IL
  • Martin Egwuagu, Chicago, IL
  • Akin Akman, New York, NY
  • Alex Silver-Fagan, New York, NY
  • Dennys Lozada, New York, NY
  • Holly Rilinger, New York, NY
  • Joe Holder, New York, NY
  • Kirsty Godso, New York, NY
  • Krissy Jones, New York, NY
  • Patrick Frost, New York, NY
  • Traci Copeland, New York, NY
  • Jenn Lau, Toronto, ON
  • Josh Adamson, Toronto, ON
  • Flor Beckmann, Austin, TX
  • Lars Schuijling, Amsterdam
  • Paula Butragueño, Barcelona
  • Alex Hipwell, Berlin
  • Erik Jäger, Berlin
  • Jamie Reynolds, London
  • Joslyn Thompson-Rule, London
  • Sayonara Motta, Milan
  • Elena Simeone, Milan / Rome
  • Antony Shapochka, Moscow
  • Bin Yang, Beijing
  • Gary Sun, Beijing
  • Jack Zhang, Beijing
  • Jessica He, Beijing
  • Kids Lin, Beijing
  • Lane Gao, Beijing
  • Claire Yu, Shanghai
  • Hank Han, Shanghai
  • Star Liu, Shanghai
  • Tony Wang, Shanghai
  • Vinvent Zhang, Shanghai
  • Jevon Huang, Guangzhou
  • Grace Wang, Hong Kong
  • Utah Lee, Hong Kong
  • Danny Wang, Taiwan
  • J-Lin, Taiwan
  • Vicky Hung, Taiwan
  • Alexandra Llosa, Lima
  • Camila Carlessi, Lima
  • Fernanda Queiroz, Sao Paulo
  • Wany Misban, Singapore
  • Steph Bruckner, Sydney
  • Izumi Tanaka, Tokyo
  • Saori Fukushima, Tokyo
  • Tomo Kuwano, Tokyo
Who Are the Nike Master Trainers? | Nike Help

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