Last updated: 15 June 2023
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Nike Re-Creation

Standout Pieces. Only in Paris.
City-Inspired Couture at House of Innovation.

Nike Re-Creation is pulling up to Paris with a limited collection of items upcycled by Sarah Mohssni. Join us and hear from Sarah about her inspiration, style and vision.

Introducing: Sarah Mohssni

From the vibrant streets of Paris, Sarah uses the energy of her hometown to create pieces that champion just how creative upcycling can be. Having completed an education in traditional fashion, she found herself wanting more so she shifted her focus to a course that focused on eco-friendly fashion. It was during that time that she fell in love with the craft of upcycling, constantly discovering new clothes and imagining how to turn them into new works of art. Collaborating, communicating and experimenting are the main ingredients in her creative process—inspiring pieces that demonstrate the individual artistry of upcycling.

Nike Re-Creation: Upcycling with Sarah Mohssni

The Paris Process

“When I need inspiration, I go to thrift stores a lot. What I like about them is that we don't look at who made things, they’re just clothes and shapes; it's very accessible.” states Sarah as she gives us an insight into her process. With an endless string of thrift stores in Paris, there are little to no limits on what Sarah can create. The city acts as a palette of sorts, with each combination of clothing being her canvas.

When it comes to the Re-Creation programme, Sarah speaks of an opportunity to inspire those who may not have discovered upcycling yet, “It allows a given set of people to see upcycling, and opens it up to a bigger audience. For a brand as iconic as Nike, I think it's important to be able to share new values with all different kinds of people.” And in particular for her, each piece is a reflection on the environment that surrounds her, “what's crazy about Paris is you can meet countless people, without knowing them or ever seeing them again. You can run into every type of person, and any type of style.”

Check Out the Latest

Nike Re-Creation is another step forward on our Move To Zero journey toward a zero carbon and zero waste future. If you’re curious to check out the latest Re-Creation collection by Sarah, you can find it exclusively at Nike House of Innovation. Find your way to the store below and visit to discover more about our latest innovations.

Originally published: 15 June 2023