Last updated: November 12, 2020
The ACG Guide to Peace on Earth
The ACG Guide to Peace on Earth

The ACG Guide to Peace on Earth

Peace. It means different things to different people. But here at ACG, we are committed to helping you find it. We believe that search starts in nature. In this guide, you’ll learn a variety of ways to interact with nature, all designed to bring you a measure of peace from the hectic day to day grind. We encourage you to test our methods in your nearby park or other favorite outdoor place. You can leave the website open for days, weeks, months, or even years, while you set out with our handy how-tos. However long it takes you, we hope you will share your peaceful findings with us.

How To: Nature on the Daily

The benefits of nature are clear when you experience them. Not everyone can pack up the bus and make the trek to Smith Rock, though, and that’s ok. ACG brings you a new guide that explains how to experience nature every day, whether you live in the country, the suburbs, or the big city. We made a diagram and everything.

The ACG Guide to Peace on Earth

STEP 1: There’s nature all around you. Every day, you can take heed, and notice the small things you may have overlooked. The small weed growing in the cracks of the pavement is a part of nature.

STEP 2: This week, why not visit one of the nearby parks or other public outdoor spaces near you. You’ll certainly have a rollicking good time.

STEP 3: Once a month, make it a goal to go on a hike or long nature walk. This will help you better appreciate your surroundings. Don’t forget to bring a friend, two-legged, four-legged, or even 100-legged. ACG does not discriminate.

STEP 4: If you’ve ever wanted to go to a national park, plan a yearly trip and make it happen. You control your own destiny. Although, if it’s truly destiny, then nobody actually controls it. Much to think about on your trip…

How To: Soak It All In

Slow down. Take a pause and use your senses. What do you hear? What do you smell? What do you see? Well, that one’s obvious. You see a website from ACG. This lesson is about soaking it all in. Take a walk through nature, and feel your stress level decline. Ahhhhhhh. Nice.

The ACG Guide to Peace on Earth

STEP 1: Focus on the present. Find a comfortable place and be still. Push out all the thoughts rattling around in your brain. Wow, there’s even more in there than we anticipated.

STEP 2: Use your senses when you’re outside. When you touch something, be respectful. When you smell something, don’t be afraid to get up close. When you taste something, please make sure you’re not hurting its feelings.

STEP 3: Trees give off a grounding energy, a feeling of calm. Please give one a hug at the next possible juncture. Thanks in advance.

How To: Respect Your Mother

The planet is a living, breathing being. Her name is Earth and she’s your mother. This guide from ACG will help teach you the best ways to respect her. Learn how to pack out what you pack in, avoid stepping on creatures, and where not to play that cherry red guitar you got for your birthday. It’s time to be a mother hugger.

The ACG Guide to Peace on Earth

STEP 1: If you see any litter along the trail, pick it up and properly dispose of it later. If you think that’s gross, imagine how your mother feels.

STEP 2: Be conscious of where you step. Little creatures have big feelings.

STEP 3: Stacking stones, playing loud music, and other activities like this harm mother nature. Let her ecosystem do what it does best. Protect and celebrate the outdoors to find harmony.

How To: Forget Your Phone

You don’t need your phone. Well, you might need it to read this guide. But when you’re in nature, you’ll quickly find it easy to relax and enjoy yourself without a digital device. ACG is here to show you that there’s plenty of peace to be found when you disconnect. So, after you read, why not find a small hole, or a large lake, to place your phone into, at least for a little while.

The ACG Guide to Peace on Earth

STEP 1: Fight through cell-phone deprivation. Balance a stick on your hand, or skip stones, to better focus on the present moment without your device.

STEP 2: Try distracting yourself by using nature as a vessel for your creativity. Make a charcoal rubbing or paint a tiny picture.

STEP 3: Find a tandem activity you can share with your friend. Friends rule.

The ACG Guide to Peace on Earth
The ACG Guide to Peace on Earth

Originally published: November 12, 2020