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Nike Jr. Phantom GX 2 Club

MG Low-top voetbalschoenen voor kleuters/kids (meerdere ondergronden)

€ 49,99

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Wit/Metallic Gold Coin/Zwart

Of je nu net begint of gewoon voor de lol speelt, dankzij de premium kwaliteit van Club schoenen stap je altijd zelfverzekerd het veld op. De Jr. Phantom GX 2 Club is gemaakt met jouw doelstellingen voor ogen en heeft een gripvaste textuur die het opvallende deel van de schoen bedekt en betrouwbare grip om je te helpen bij je niet-geplande behendigheid.

  • Weergegeven kleur: Wit/Metallic Gold Coin/Zwart
  • Stijl: FJ2600-100

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Beoordelingen (12)

4.8 Sterren

  • High quality low-top soccer cleat!

    Chase - 14 apr 2024

    The first thing you notice about these when you open the box is the slick all black colorway. All black is nice for kids because they tend to get dirtier…but there are actually details on the shoe. When the sun, or light hits them…you can see the amazing patterns and designs. It gives them a cool feel, and easy to match with any uniform. The cleat itself is made of really solid materials. The cleats arent soft, they’re rather hard and grip the grass better, allowing for faster cuts and less slipping. The inner soles could use a little more padding. They seem thin and like they’d wear down faster and be less forgiving with certain socks. One really positive thing we noticed right away is the tongue. It’s strong material, it’s grippy on the outside to help pull the shoes tighter, but soft on the inside to help your sock slide in the shoe. It also makes very easy to get on and off. A lot of soccer cleats neglect the tongue and make it out of cheap material, and kids tend to break them easily. So this is a big win for kids. We love the design and the stitching on the cleat: the cool stitching on the back, and the sides. The placement of the cleats on the bottom are very nice for my son. They’re far enough up front to help prevent slipping and falling down, and holding a base while kicking. The laces aren’t great. Cheap flat laces. Gets stuck when tying too tight. Love the lace holes/eyelets. Solid, but wide enough that relaxing is easy. The tag placement on the inside isn’t good. It tickles the foot and feels odd when running. This low-top feels very protective around the ankles, allowing for sharper cuts. I think our favorite thing about this cleat is the lacing placement is. It doesn’t go straight down the middle like normal, it goes down to the side, almost like wrapping your foot. It makes for a great fit, and takes less pressure on your foot when running. You can’t feel the laces squeezing down the same section of your foot. It makes your foot stay in place while not keeping the pressure in one spot. That’s great for longtime wear, especially during summer tournaments. We take these off less in than we used to in between games. Overall this is one of the better low top soccer cleats on the market. Besides the laces, and the inside soles, we have no complaints. A great colorway. Stays and looks cleaner longer. Amazing materials. Solid, no loose stitching, grippy on the outside, soft inside. Repels water and dirt. Cleats are hard and will last a long time. The fit is true to size, but will provide a little extra space for half sizes or wide feet. Lacing system provides longer wearability. Tongue provides easy on and off. Soles too thin, will wear down fast. Laces shouldn’t be flat, get stuck and tied too tight. Cleat placement on the bottom is great. Prevents more sliding and slipping. We’d give this cleat a 9/10 and with the numerous colorways we’ve found…we think this will be our new low top model we buy for now on. Great job Nike.

    Product gratis ontvangen of beoordeeld als onderdeel van een prijs of een weggeefactie, of in ruil voor korting.
  • Awesome cleats!

    Golf Shirt - Print - 14 apr 2024

    These cleats have been a staple for my little one on the field! Not only do they look cool, but they are comfortable. These cleats have a shoe lace detail that comes up from the side that gives a unique look. They are lightweight and are good for wide feet. My little one has worn these for long periods of time and they remain comfortable. Definitely recommend these cleats!

    Product gratis ontvangen of beoordeeld als onderdeel van een prijs of een weggeefactie, of in ruil voor korting.
  • A great design on a classic looking boot!

    Charlie’s mama - 14 apr 2024

    My 9 year old has now worn these for 3 practices and two games and he loves them! They fit true to size and the extra grips around the toe box are very helpful when it comes to ball control. I love the look of the all black boot as they match all of his various uniforms. The asymmetrical look of the laces is a nice added touch!

    Product gratis ontvangen of beoordeeld als onderdeel van een prijs of een weggeefactie, of in ruil voor korting.