Last updated: 9 March 2021

(Bra) by Dina Asher-Smith

Introducing Dina's Takeover

(Bra) by is a takeover by the world’s biggest Athletes on all things bra. Sports bra queen, Dina Asher-Smith is our first guest editor to give you the lowdown on the boss of our kit bags. Check back over the next few weeks to jump into the British World Champion’s mind on bras, breasts and exercise. Take it away, Dina.


I am so proud and excited to be kicking off Nike’s new sports bra takeover: ‘(Bra) by…’ with my own thoughts on this essential piece of kit. It’s about time we had an honest and in-depth look at the number one item of clothing that women ask for my advice on. Yes… women ask me about sports bras more than running trainers. We already know how to find the running shoe to suit us. But when you’re trying to find the perfect sports bra there are a lot more question marks… Where do you go? What do I need? What should it feel like? 🤷

Lack of sports bra know-how, wearing one that’s ill-fitting, or not supportive enough most definitely serves as a barrier to an active lifestyle. And it’s a completely unnecessary one. We know that loads of young women sadly stop participating in sport in their early teens. One of the biggest reasons is a general feeling of discomfort and sadly shame around their rapidly changing bodies. And I mean, I get it. I’ve obviously been there. The year before you could run around without even thinking about boobs. But now you have two friends on your chest that have completely changed how your body moves and how you feel in your own skin!

Even if you love taking part in sport, if you don’t have the right support, you’ll feel uncomfortable. Many girls associate breast pain with sport or physical activity in general. And their thought processes are ‘look… this really isn’t for me’, ‘my boobs are too big for this now’, ‘this is too painful’, and then ‘this isn’t worth the stress’. But it shouldn’t be the case. Especially as many don’t recognise that having the right bra can clear loads of these things up.

So, let’s try to de-mystify and de-stigmatise the sports bra.

I’m proud to be giving you (Bra) By Dina: The Shame-free issue. We will talk frankly about this stuff. I’m going to show you different levels of support, different types of bras and answer some questions that, well, many just feel too awkward to ask in the first place. But it’s fine to ask me, I won’t judge 😄

Without further ado… let’s get on with it

Lots of love Dina xxx

Originally published: 9 March 2021

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