Last updated: 9 March 2021

(Bra) by Dina Asher-Smith

Sports Bra Style Up by Dina Asher-Smith

(Bra) by Dina is the takeover by the queen of sports bras (and sprinting) on all things, well, sports bras. This week, Dina Asher-Smith has styled up her fave Nike sports bras using her own wardrobe. Check out her style diary below.

Nike Dri-FIT Swoosh Icon Clash & Leggings Styled With Leather Blazer & Heels

"This was my favourite look. I loved the brown and black together with the loud pop from the bra’s print. Sometimes when I’m dressing up, I like to challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zones, and multicolour combos are on my mini mental list to push myself to wear more often. I naturally gravitate to monochrome and could live in that all day everyday with just small tonal shifts. But sometimes you have to switch things up! So, for me, that was mixing brown and black today. I loved the vibrant print of the sports bra and the way that the print was part of the leggings and exaggerated the silhouette. So cute!”

Nike Indy Ultrabreathe With Cute Cardi & Dad Jeans

This handbag is mine and I love it! I don’t own too many baby pink things, but I just had to find something to coordinate with the bag. So cute!! This style of sports bra is my favourite. It’s not necessarily the one I run in, but it’s such an aesthetically pleasing design and really comfortable. I love the little gap in the middle of the sports bra and I love the straps. It makes it not only a really comfy and supportive bra, but an interesting and sexy design too.

Like what you see? Check out the sports bras below.

Originally published: 9 March 2021

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