Adwoa Aboah: Building Connection


Adwoa Aboah is never done, not only driving herself forward but progressing her community too.

Last updated: 29 March 2022
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Walking down the catwalk, appearing on front covers, flying back and forth across time zones to shoots across the world. Sounds glamorous on paper right? Yet being on the move can also bring a sense of isolation. For model and activist Adwoa Aboah she’s working on building her Gurls Talk community to keep her grounded, inspired and focused on the things that matter.

In 2022, Adwoa is not only leading the Gurls Talk organization to the next level globally but nervously ticking off a new individual challenge on her bucket list - acting. ‘There’s been a lot of self doubt’, she reflects, ‘but so much joy and happiness going about into the unknown’. Back in her hometown of London, we followed Adwoa around some of her favorite spots in the city reconnecting with her sister, Kesewa, and her friends in person and virtually.

What Are You Working On?

Throughout the journey of the film, we see moments where she finds strength from the sisterhood at Gurls Talk who’ve been empowered by her unapologetic and open honesty following Adwoa’s own personal experience with mental health. Despite using her own voice to build a supportive community, certain discussions with girls and young women remind her she is still a work in progress regardless of the age gap. ‘There are moments where we talk about relationships, friendships and all sorts of different topics. It’s insane how they say something and it takes me back to being at school.’ She continues, ‘It reminds me that I may still have some things that I haven't dealt with and forces me to talk about things that maybe I’m too scared to deal with.’

As a busy model and the recent milestone of Gurls Talk becoming a non-profit charity, Adwoa credits sport in facilitating her to slow down and find a better balance between work and life. ‘Sport has always been that moment to myself.’ Adwoa says. Referencing cardio and strength training, the discipline of regular routine informs her mindset when it comes to embracing being uncomfortable in other areas of life. ‘It's an hour where I sweat and focus on one thing.’ She continues. ‘It’s a meditative moment for me and it always makes me feel better.’

What Are You Working On?

In a world where the pressure to be an expert is overwhelming, Adwoa shows us that despite the success she is keeping grounded and being present for her community. ‘You see the girls come up to you and you hear what it’s done for them. What they’ve been going through. What they used to be like. What they’ve learnt and you’re like I need to keep on doing this.’ Adwoa says. ‘It reiterates to me that what I am doing is very much needed.’

Originally published: 23 March 2022

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